By Jessica Solloway
November 19, 2009

Every working girl must be prepared for those "O-M-G I can't believe this is happening to me at the office!" moments. From coffee stains to stocking snafus, the key is to be well-equipped with an emergency kit to combat any fashion or beauty crisis with a quick fix. Simply create your own go-to bag stocked with essentials to get you through any disaster without breaking a sweat.

First, pick up a cute cosmetic case to keep all of your travel-sized must-haves in one organized place. This also makes it easier to discreetly transport your "top-secret weapons" to the bathroom.

Skin Care Products

You never know when you'll need a dab of cover-up, a concealer touch-up for those dark circles, or a smidgen of moisturizer for super dry hands. But rather than spend a fortune on full sized bottles of all your favorite skin care products, see if a brand you love makes a great set featuring mini versions of your must-haves.

Nail Polish Remover

You've been holding out until Friday for a manicure so your nails look impeccable for the weekend. But your boss just summoned you to a meeting with some major bigwigs. Nail polish remover to the rescue! Quickly wipe away those last chips of the super dark polish you tested out last week, so you look less tormented Emo chick and more executive.

Safety Pins and Double Sided Tape

Who has time for sewing? If you noticed a busted button on your shirt or pants (big lunch?), a safety pin and/or double sided tape will do the trick.

Stain Remover

Your day got off to a rough start when you spilled your morning coffee all over your keyboard. But even worse, it splattered on your clothes. Having a stain remover on hand will help tone down the damage.

Roll on Perfume

Sometimes an extra dab of perfume is necessary, especially on your way out for after-work cocktails. A roll-on version of your favorite scent is easy to tote around and won't overwhelm your cube-mates the way an "over-spritz" does.

Tooth Brush, Floss and Mouthwash

Salads can be risky business if you're not prepared to tackle spinach-in-the-teeth fiascos with an after-lunch brush, floss and rinse. Pop a mint for good measure.

Baby Powder

Especially in the summer months, the inside of those ballet flats can get a little … sticky. Freshen up and keep your feet comfy with a dash of baby powder.


Breaking in those new heels has caused you some major blisters, but you refuse to stop wearing them. A few protective band-aids will keep your tootsies in tip-top shape.

Pain Reliever

No need to suffer! Ease anything from a bout of cramps to spreadsheet-induced headaches, pronto! [header = Create your own office emergency kit with everything from makeup to mouthwash.] Hair Brush and Elastic Band

If you get caught in some inclement weather on the way to work, quickly brush and pull your hair back into a sleek pony, rather than rocking an "I just stuck my finger in a socket" look.

Lint Brush

In case that new winter scarf sheds all over your outfit; de-fuzz quickly with a few rolls.

Everyday Work Makeup

Rather than lug around your full makeup bag, keep an extra lip gloss, blush, and mascara on hand to brighten up when you look particularly burnt out-or need to easily transition from an office to evening look. If you think your makeup needs a refresher at the end of the day, use a makeup remover pad (which come in handy individual packs) to start from scratch.

If you want to take it a step further:

*Keep another a pair of black stockings tucked aside in case a little run goes a long way. That disheveled look may work for Lindsay Lohan, but it's certainly not office appropriate. Although you could use some clear nail polish to seal up a tiny snag.

*Your work space shouldn't be a shoe closet, but keeping a practical pair under your desk doesn't hurt. They'll come in handy when you feel like walking home instead of taking the bus, or don't want to ruin your new suede pumps in a sudden snowstorm.

*A black blazer always adds a professional touch when you have an unexpected important meeting (plus it will match pretty much anything you're wearing). So if you have an extra, keep it on the back of your chair just in case!

While these products can't veer your boss off his daily warpath, an emergency kit complete with your favorite everyday work makeup, skincare products, and wardrobe-malfunction fixes will certainly keep other scary occurrences to a minimum.