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10 Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends [PHOTOS]

Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends

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Kim Kardashian's 20.5-carat engagement ring made a big splash when she debuted the stone on the cover of People, but the reality-television diva isn't the only celeb sporting some gorgeous bling. There's an engagement ring trend out there for every woman's taste—vintage styles, tons of cuts, even colored diamonds—so we guarantee you'll find something you love (or several somethings).

Whether you're in the market for a romantic rock or just want to browse through some real eye candy (pretty jewels!), we've got ten stars modeling ten cool styles to drool over. Go ahead. Ogle away.

Colored Diamonds

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Since the days of Bennifer, when Jennifer Lopez rocked a pink-diamond stunner, colored diamonds have become more and more prevalent amond celebs—and it's a pretty style you can pull off, too.

Celebrity Engagement Ring: Carrie Underwood

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Carrie Underwood is the proud owner of this gorgeous yellow diamond by Johnathan Arndt. Hubby Mike Fisher sure knows how to pick 'em!

Engagement Ring Trend: Radiant

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A radiant-cut is just what it sounds like: a pretty stone with tons of facets for surreal sparkle. Who wouldn't want their ring to shine like the sun?!

Celebrity Engagement Ring: Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian wears a round, radiant-cut stone, given to her by L.A. Laker-hubby, Lamar Odom. It's nine carats... and you can't miss that glittering gem on her finger.

Engagement Ring Trend: Rare Stones

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Celebs have been rocking some pretty rare stones lately, which can have sentimental value because they're so unique.

Celebrity Engagement Ring: Reese Witherspoon

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Reese Witherspoon wears this rare Ashoka diamond, which her agent-hubby, Jim Toth, picked out and helped design especially for her. It has a skinny band and four-carat stone.

Engagement Ring Trend: Oval-Cut

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A little trendier than a classic round-cut, an oval is modern but traditional at the same time.

Celebrity Engagement Ring: Salma Hayek

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Salma Hayek wears an oval-cut ring. It's five carats, has trillions on each side, sports a $200,000 price tag and is absolutely to-die-for.

Engagement Ring Trend: Over-the-Top

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No explanation necessary, folks.

Celebrity Engagement Ring: Kim Kardashian

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This 20.5-carat sparkler belongs to the lucky Kim Kardashian. It's valued at $2 million. (One word: Whoa.)

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