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10 Cute and Stylish Wedding Hair Accessories


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Try this grown-up version of the classic headband for your wedding!

Bridal headbands by David's Bridal. Ribbon headband with floral rhodium side motif. Style: H7593. In-stores only, $149.


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If you're feeling playful and sassy, why not add some feathers to your hair?

Try this peacock feather fascinator from Wee Gardens in St. Louis, Mo for a pop of color on your special day. Aqua, gray and blue guinea feathers adorned by a rhinestone jewel. Available only online, $54.


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A hat will definitely spice up your wedding ensemble! Plus, by wearing a hat, you can combine flowers and feathers together and still look elegant and pulled-together without overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

Swing step hat by James Coviello for BHLDN Savoy by Essere. Metal comb attachment, 7" diameter, 23" L feathers. Available online and in-stores, $530.


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So technically, this one is a cross between a headband and a ribbon, but the one thing we agree on is that it's adorable! Make it a side bow for a glamorous touch of grown-up sophistication.

Jaclyn headband by Sara Gabriel. 3" wide horsehair ribbon with Swarovski rhinestones. Available in-stores only.


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Whether a single delicate flower or a cluster of blooms, flowers can act as a bright and beautiful accent to your special day. Depending on the season or the style of your wedding, you'll want to choose certain flowers over others. Talk to your florist to get her take, and to your stylist, who can help you create the perfect hairstyle to go with your perfect dress and shoes!


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If you can't imagine yourself without a veil, but want to try something new, try a blusher. You'll have the best of both worlds!

Flower comb with detachable facial blusher by David's Bridal. Available in-stores and online, $69.


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Headbands are perfect for weddings because they look great whether your hair is up or down!

Asymmetrical crystal swirl headband by Bridal Styles Boutiques. Style: CC115. Available online or in-stores.


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Everyone wants to feel like a princess on their wedding day. What better way to do that than to put on a tiara?

Christina Garcia Tiara of Distinction for Kleinfeld Bridal. Style: 31786585. Available online and in-stores.

Hair Pins

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These hair pins remind us a little bit of the fancy bobby pins we used to put in our hair before dance class, only these are much prettier and classier. They're the perfect accessory to add a bit of sparkle to your wedding up-do.

Elizabeth Combs by Sara Gabriel. Vintage rhinestone pins sold in sets of three or five. Available in-stores only.

Hair Combs

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Similar to the hair pins featured on the previous slide, hair combs are perfect for adding a little bit of sparkle to your outfit without taking away attention from you, the beautiful bride.

Laura Jayne Bridal Fleur Hair Comb for Perfect Details. Style: C113. Available alone or as a set of three. Available online or in-stores, $105.


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