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Comfortable Wedding Shoes to Suit Your Style

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Pink Chuck Taylors

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Brooke LoFaso considers her personal style to be 'somewhat punk-y' so she chose pink wedding shoes—Chuck Taylors no less—for her North Carolina wedding. Classic Chuck Taylors have always been her favorite style (she has 13 pairs), so it was perfectly fitting that she wore a pair down the aisle in her favorite color.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Silver Flats

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It's hard for Micky Glaser to find comfortable shoes, thanks (or no thanks) to bunions. She was thankful when her mom found these silver ballet flats for her beautiful Wisconsin wedding. Her motto: "Happy feet equals a happy bride." Don't forget it!

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Flashy Fuchsia and Wedding Boots

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Katy Mayo-Kaye wore a short dress to her wedding on a ranch in Colorado so she really showcased her shoes. Katy wore pink wedding shoes during the ceremony and then changed into cowboy boots to hit the dance floor in comfort and style at the reception.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Running Sneakers

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Mary Kathryn Elkins kicked off married life in running shoes as an homage to the store that she and her husband own in North Carolina called Run for Your Life. Because of her job, Mary Kathryn never wears high heels so she figured, why be uncomfortable on her big day? She was thrilled with her decision. "My friends were complaining about their feet hurting on the dance floor, but I was perfectly comfortable!" Check out the best running and athletic shoes to get married in—or run a marathon!

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Converse High Tops

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Nikki Rice has always loved Converse (she owns 14 pairs) so it was a no-brainer that she'd be wearing Converse high tops for her Washington wedding. She also claims to be, "less-than-graceful" in heels and didn't want to worry about falling down on the dance floor or how much her feet hurt. Comfortable shoe mission accomplished!

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Pink Pumps and Wedding Flip-Flops

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Taryn Scher clearly loves shoes and comfort. She originally bought a pair of white, designer wedding shoes, but 4 weeks before the big day, Taryn decided they just weren't her style. Taryn designed the pink wedding shoes she wore to her ceremony and received the Haviannas wedding flip-flops she wore to her reception as a gift. Taryn got away with a last-minute shoe swap, but that won't work for beauty treatments. Click here for 4 beauty treatments every bride should avoid during wedding week.

Comfortable Wedding Shoes: Borrowed Ballet Flats

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With a size 12 shoe and a fiancé who is exactly the same height (six feet), Ana Decrop didn't have many choices when it comes to wedding shoes. Luckily, Ana's sister still had the off-white ballet flats that she wore for her wedding (something borrowed), so she was comfortable from the ceremony to the last dance.


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