By Lambeth Hochwald
October 20, 2010

Bachelorette parties can be exciting, crazy, a bonding opportunity with your girlfriends and… a strain on your healthy habits. Whether you've been working hard to lose weight or just don't want to overdo it before the big day, there are plenty of creative ideas for a bachelorette party that won't derail your healthy habits. Don't believe it? We found six real brides who did it:

Creative idea for a bachelorette party: "We balanced wine tastings with group hikes and runs."

Bachelorette: Amanda Hutton, California

When Amanda got engaged, she signed up for a boot camp through Healthy Bride, an online program that helps brides meet their fitness goals. That's why she kept her bachelorette party weekend structured with lots of active, healthy plans.

Party payoff: "While there was the occasional wine tasting, we made sure to plan a hike, a morning circuit workout and runs on the beach. My bridesmaids have been very supportive in my quest to get fit not only for the wedding but in my lifestyle. I have lost 10 pounds so far and can run over five miles on my own."

If you try this: Have your activities pre-planned, if you like structure and routine. It doesn't mean you have to sign up for a fancy program, just find ways to incorporate your usual routine (say, running 3 miles) into your bachelorette party.

Creative idea for a bachelorette party: "With two pregnant bridesmaids, I wanted to stay away from bars and heavy booze."

Bachelorette: Polly Blitzer Wolkstein, New York

Polly had two very pregnant bridesmaids so she decided to skip the hard-partying bar scene and keep it low key. A private location and celebrity trainer gave this party all the excitement it needed.

Party payoff: "I decided to do a healthy retreat weekend at a private home in the Hamptons, complete with a celebrity trainer offering capoeira and yoga classes for us by the pool. It was a weekend of healthy eating and relaxation. No raging clubs, penis straws or tequila shots, which wound up being the perfect preamble to my wedding."

If you try this: Yes, a wedding is all about the bride. But if you plan activities that all your friends and bridesmaids can participate in and enjoy, everyone is going to have more fun.

Creative idea for a bachelorette party: "My friends and I ran a 15K race together."

Bachelorette: Brianna Swales, Florida

Every year, Brianna runs a 15K with her uncle and their two friends. She didn't want to miss out before her wedding so she decided to incorporate her girlfriends into the tradition. Although they didn't train together, everyone-runners and non-runners alike-came together on race day.

Party payoff: "Because everyone lives in different cities, all of my girlfriends trained for the race independently, traveled from afar and met up to run it together. About six or seven of us ran, while the other four girls cheered us on. I ran with my veil in tow and wore a T-shirt that said 'Bride to Be Running Down the Aisle.' The other runners wore T-shirts that said 'Chasing the Bride Down the Aisle' and the girls on the sidelines had shirts that said 'Always a Cheerleader, Never a Bride.'"

If you try this: Making fitness a priority at your party doesn't mean every bridesmaid has to get buff-there are lots of ways for your friends to support your healthy goals.

Creative idea for a bachelorette party: "I planned an elegant night out and then a great day of hiking."

Bachelorette: Megan Nix, Colorado

Megan's goal was to have a good time with her girlfriends, not to have an outrageous blowout. Although there was some drinking, it was her friends that brought the party to life.

Party payoff: "I didn't want to have an embarrassing (read: penises flying everywhere) or hung-over bachelorette party. Three of my bridesmaids flew to Colorado to celebrate my last days of singledom so I knew they'd already be battling the effects of the high altitude. We had a classy dinner with cocktails and Irish coffees by a fire before we hit the mountains for a day of hiking above Lake Dillon. It ended up being one of those rare, rainy Colorado summer days, but the mountain air, my hilarious girlfriends, and endorphins you get from going uphill were a perfect preface to a healthy, happy, and endorphin-filled wedding."

If you do this: Don't stress! Know that a group of girls with great attitudes and natural endorphins is all you need to get the party started.

Creative idea for a bachelorette party: "My bridesmaids and I did a triathlon."

Bachelorette: Monica Vazquez, Puerto Rico

Monica, a personal trainer, is serious about fitness so she wanted to take on a big challenge before her big day. She invited her bridesmaids to go to Puerto Rico for a triathlon.

Party payoff: "Five of my bridesmaids ended up doing the race. It was my second triathlon-I only learned how to ride a bike the summer before. My one friend is quite an advanced triathlete but it was the first time for the other three. They're really good friends and I'm a really convincing person! We ended up renting bicycles since we didn't want to fly our bikes down and three of the girls ended up racing on bright yellow bikes that said 'Rent Me.' It was absolutely hysterical. When people saw me go past wearing a veil, they kept screaming 'Here Comes the Bride!' in Spanish. The organizers of the race found out that I was getting married and I got a special announcement at the finish!"