"Do I look fat in this?"

This is a stereotypical question that you typically think of a woman asking her boyfriend, right? But not so fast - more men are asking it, according to new research. Turns out, more men are concerned with their body image - and not in a healthy way. According to research, male eating disorders are on the rise and now account for at least 10 percent of all eating disorder cases. Just like women are pressured to look a certain way, these days, men are also bombarded with unrealistic ideals of how an attractive male should look: strong with six-pack abs. Here are some of the warning signs that your boyfriend may be heading down a disordered eating path.

5 Signs of a Male Eating Disorder

1. An obsession with the number on the scale. If his entire mood for the day is determined by the number on the scale, he may have body-image issues.

2. Decreased interest in sex. If he has a lack of sex drive - or a lack of confidence in his body which makes him avoid the bedroom despite the fact that he's at a healthy weight - it can signal that his body image is less than healthy.

3. He doesn't eat in front of others. Does your man eat in secret? Or does he have problems eating in front of others? Both are symptoms of disordered eating.

4. Intense fear of getting fat. Is he extremely afraid of how missing a workout or eating a heavy meal will affect his weight? Again, another sign that things are amiss.

5. Is he a perfectionist? There's no such thing as having a "perfect body." If your man is constantly in the gym, trying to get the "perfect body," and won't be happy until he has it, he might have an issue.

If you suspect a guy in your life has an eating disorder, seek help from the National Eating Disorders Association.