You've been working out and eating right, but still wish you could look a little more toned in your dress (who doesn't?). Use these instant slimmers:

1. Slather your way slim. As any runway-show makeup artist can attest, the quickest way to appear leaner and more toned is to self-tan and firm up the surface of your skin so dimples are less noticeable. Luckily, most self-tanners not only tint your skin, but offer extra hydration to instantly plump your cells, which gives you a firmer overall look. This is perfect for your bikini body.

2. Perfect your posture. Standing (and sitting) up straight can have a slimming effect. Almost instantly, good body alignment can make you appear 5 pounds thinner. How to get it? Do these moves for 3 minutes 5 times a day:

•Stand or sit tall, and visualize making your spine as long as possible.

•Keep your chin parallel to the ground (your ears aligned over your shoulders).

•Pull your bellybutton in and up.

•Straighten your upper back by lifting your chest and slightly bringing your shoulders back.

3. Take pounds off in photos. These posing secrets can make you look slimmer:

•Create some space between your body and your arm.

•Place your hand on your waist and bring your elbow to the side.

•Avoid a double chin by having the photographer hold the camera slightly above eye level and pointing it down.

•Turn your face a bit to the side instead of looking at the camera dead-on.

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