These five fast and affordable fixes keep you looking good and feeling confident on your big day. Keep all of them on hand.

1. Keep it Hidden

Once you've found the dress, the last thing you want to see is a stray bra strap. Enter Stylin' Tape for the Bride ($10; Precut into three widths, it keeps a neckline in place or attaches a strap to your bra. Most importantly, the skin-safe medical adhesive won't damage fabric.

2. Save Your Feet

If you plan to rock out in four-inch Manolos, a high-quality shoe insert can save your feet. We love Dr. Scholl's for Her High Heel insoles ($10; for stores), which shift the pressure off the ball of your foot. Plus, the slim, clear gel design makes them virtually undetectable, even in open shoes.

3. Don't Sink In the Grass

Finally, a solution for wearing heels to outdoor weddings! SoleMate High Heelers ($10; attach to most narrow heels and prevent your shoes from sinking in grass or between cobblestones. Bonus: They come in black or clear, so you can strut your stuff without sacrificing style.

4. Nix Stains

You look pristine in your white gown until nana nails you with her coral lipstick or a splash of red wine lands on your dress. Luckily Shout Wipe & Go ($3; is safe for dry-clean only fabrics. Just be sure to test them on a separate swatch of fabric from your dress before the big day.

5. Control Shine

Brides should be radiant and glowing but never shiny. Long photo sessions under the sun, stuffy churches and hundreds of kisses on the cheek by well-meaning guests can often result in a shiny, oily face for the bride. Blot away excess oil with Hollywood Oil Blotting Tissue ($5;