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Lessons for a Memorable First Dance from Classic Dance Movies

Get Inspired for Your First Dance with These Show-Stopping Dance Movies

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Many modern couples are throwing tradition for a loop, busting out a choreographed first wedding dance that inevitably becomes a Youtube sensation. But the link between dance and romance is nothing new in Hollywood. These classic movies have every lesson you need to make your first dance unforgettable (in a good way)—whether you have two left feet or a background in ballroom.

Wedding Dance Movie Inspiration: Dirty Dancing

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First dance lesson: Have one show-stopping move.
Who can forget the infamous dance move where Johnny (Patrick Swayze) lifts Baby (Jennifer Grey) over his head? It doesn't have to be that technical, but if you decide to try a lift, add these three moves for a beautiful back to your workout. And maybe invite a chiropractor to the wedding, just in case.

Wedding Dance Movie Inspiration: Chicago

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First dance lesson: Drink after you dance.

When Roxie Hart (played by Renée Zellweger) gets in trouble, her lawyer (Richard Gere) comes to her rescue. But according to him, "it was the combination of liquor and jazz that led to her downfall." Don't say we didn't warn you. Try these low calorie cocktails after your debut on the dance floor.

Wedding Dance Movie Inspiration: Singin' in the Rain

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First dance lesson: Don't be afraid to use props.

Take a cue from Gene Kelly and share the stage. It doesn't have to be an umbrella—unless you're wedding is outdoors in the rain. Think of it this way: If you're not a good dancer, it will take the attention off of your feet. If you do have the moves, show off your legs with one of these dresses.

Wedding Dance Movie Inspiration: You Got Served

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First dance lesson: Get your guests involved.

In this break-dance movie, two dance crews compete for a $50,000 grand prize. If you and your husband-to-be are nervous about your first dance—turn the attention to your guests. Award a prize to the best dancer at the end of the night. Or try a dance classes to polish your skills.


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