Our Top 5 Wedding Tips for the Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding


Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding has been set for April 29, 2011 at the Westminster Abbey in London, the same place where Prince William's mother Princess Diana's funeral was held in September of 1997. According to British Prime Minister David Cameron, "the wedding of Kate and William will be a happy and momentous occasion," and we hope so! But we can't help thinking they'd be just a little better off if they knew these secrets from Shape Bride. Whether they discover them or not, you can use them to get all of the happiness without a royal headache (or a royal price tag).

William and Kate Wedding Tip #1: Nix Planning Stress

On top of the usual stress of planning a wedding (can you imagine the royal seating chart?) April 29, 2011 has been declared a public holiday in the United Kingdom, as announced by the Prince William's private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. These nine simple strategies are sure to ease anxiety and help any bride enjoy the wedding-planning process-royal or not.

William and Kate Wedding Tip #2: There's a Secret to Looking Beautiful

The royal wedding was declared a public holiday because "it will ensure the most people possible will have a chance to celebrate on the day," reveals British Prime Minister David Cameron. With so many eyes on her, Kate Middleton needs to be sure to look her best. This How to Look Your Best timeline can help Kate Middleton, or any bride, look effortlessly beautiful by her wedding day.

William and Kate Wedding Tip #3: Listen to Other Brides

Prince William and Kate want the nuptials to be "a classic British occasion" and "a classic example of what Britain does best," according to Lowther-Pinkerton. But we hope they don't forget to include personal touches to make the royal wedding truly their own. Find out what these real brides wish they knew before their wedding days.

William and Kate Wedding Tip #4: Don't Let Your Energy Get Zapped

Kate and Will are "on cloud nine like any other newly engaged couple, and they're now getting sucked into organizing their wedding," says Lowther-Pinkerton. We hope the royal pair doesn't lose sight and forget to enjoy the planning process and the big day! One way to do just that: watch out for these everyday energy zappers.

William and Kate Wedding Wishes #5: Have a Hot Honeymoon

According to press reports, the Royal Family and the Middletons will share the cost of the wedding and honeymoon. Where will Prince William and Kate go? We recommend one of these top honeymoon destinations.

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