By Karen Borsari
October 27, 2010

Sara Rue has always struggled with her weight, but when the actress got engaged earlier this year, she decided enough was enough. Sara had fallen in love and didn't want to waste any more time or energy frustrated about her weight. While Sara chalks up most of her weight loss success to her Jenny Craig consultant (She's lost 50 pounds! See her and other celebrities before and after healthy weight loss), she shared four tips to help any bride get in amazing shape for her wedding.

Read on for Sara Rue's four rules for weight loss success:

1) Sara Rue's tips for weight loss success: You're in control.

"You can control what you put in your body-100 percent," Sara says. And it's not just about food. "You really can control your level of fitness and how your body looks."

Wedding weight loss plan: If losing weight for your wedding day is a priority, start making healthy food choices and getting active now (Use these tricks to sneak fitness into your day). Having trouble taking control? Learn how to stop emotional eating for good.

2) Sara Rue's tips for weight loss success: Admit when something's not working and ask for help.

"I was never really able to lose weight on my own," Sara says. "Clearly, it was something I struggled with so I wanted a program that provides extra support. Jenny Craig does that. In terms of fitness, I'm going to rely on a professional for that as well. I really don't know anything about [working out] so I'm like 'just tell me what to do!' "

Wedding weight loss plan: Ask for help in the areas you struggle with. Have trouble putting down the fork? Talk to a nutritionist. Can't stick with your workout routine? Get a trainer (or try our virtual trainer-it's free).

3) Sara Rue's tips for weight loss success: Let go of the guilt.

"I'm a very all-or-nothing type of person," Sara says. "Usually, the first slip I make, I'm done. But my Jenny Craig consultant tells me that just recognizing when I go off track is an improvement and a step toward my new healthy lifestyle. When you don't feel guilty about going off track, it's easier to get right back on."

Wedding weight loss plan: Don't let "slip-ups" derail you. Acknowledge what happened and move on. Use this post-pig-out plan to get right back on track.

4) Sara Rue's tips for weight loss success: Create mini-milestones-no wedding necessary.

"It's the little things that make all the difference in motivating you. I can concentrate on the dress or the wedding, but then I can also concentrate on something simple. I saw a pair of jeans that I want to buy, so I'm going to work towards that goal, too. I'm definitely focused on the dress right now, but I'm also thinking about my honeymoon."

Wedding weight loss plan: Set goals that motivate you and keep your eye on the prize-no matter how big or small.

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