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25 Valentine's Day Gifts to Get Your Ride-or-Die Gym Girlfriends

For... A Fellow Boss Babe

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Sport this ring as a reminder of how strong, capable, and badass you are—or give it as a gift to your closest boss babes to encourage them feel empowered too.

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For... the Down Dog to Your Up Dog

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The secret to Instagram-able partner yoga? Matching co-ords. Get in the Galentine's Day mood with ones that are the ~most~ festive.

(Officially addicted to coordinating workout clothes? Us too. Try these other cute workout sets for killing it in the gym.)

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For... the Friend Who's Single AF and Loves It

spiritual gangster hoodie

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Gift this cozy Spiritual Gangster x Amberella hoodie to a girl who's always preaching self-love—or get it for yourself as a you've-got-this reminder and an ego boost during the rest of the cuffing-season months ahead.

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For... the "Samantha"

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Who says candle-lit V-day dinners and romance are reserved for couples? Gift this candle—a genius collab between Tinder and cult-fave candle brand Homesick—to your single-lady partner-in-crime. It smells like "freedom and fun" (a.k.a. eucalyptus, fir needle, orange, sandalwood, patchouli, clove, and amber).

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For... the Girl Who Lives in Athleisure

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Just because you live in leggings doesn't mean you need to trap your boobs in sports bras all day. This gender norm-bending set from basics brand Richer Poorer serves as the perfect comfy base layer under your Netflix-and-chill loungewear, dresses, and boyfriend jeans. Once you've worn these boxers once, you'll wonder why women haven't been wearing boxers for ages.

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For... the Girl Who Resolved to Drink More Water

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Think of this glass water bottle as a healthy version of a chocolate heart. The understated silver design is apparently inspired by "dainty pixie Khaleesis"—from Game of Thrones—who's "soft but strong" and has "a sweet dominatrix energy that makes everyone assume you have fire breathing dragon babies somewhere nearby," according to Neiman Marcus. Sounds like the exact kickass energy we want walking into a workout.

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For... the Girl Who Celebrates with Wine Post-Workout

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Sure, you could sip a regular red blend on V-day, or you can pop open a bottle of Red Velvet Cupcake Wine, a red blend made with Zinfandel, Merlot, and Petite Sirah, and feel festive. Bonus points for bringing actual red velvet cupcakes. Grab it at your local liquor store, or order online for delivery (thank goodness for modern technology!).

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For... the Girl Who's a Goop Junkie

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ICYMI, Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle site, Goop, is chock-full of crazy stuff you'd never actually do (like putting jade eggs in your vagina) plus some legit-sounding stuff that might actually work (like adding these superpower dusts to your daily smoothie). While the science-backed health benefits of these dusts are TBD, you don't really have anything to lose by adding some Beauty Dust (made from organic goji, rehmannia, organic schisandra, pearl, and organic stevia) or some Sex Dust (made from ho shou wu, organic cacao, shilajit, maca, organic schisandra, cistanche, epimedium, and organic stevia) to your Galentine's Day celebration. Best case scenario: Some mind-blowing solo sessions and glowing skin in your future.

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For... Your Pilates Partner

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Got calluses? Slip and slide on the spin bike? Need a little extra grip for the TRX? These insanely grippy gloves are the cute, quick fix for all your workout problems. Get a matching pair for your Pilates partner and you'll crush your next workout—and look great doing it.

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For... Your Instagram Girlfriend

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Flowers for Valentine's Day? Ground-breaking, we know. But this isn't the usual soggy clump of roses you grabbed from the grocery store; this hip, artisan flower company sources their fresh-cut buds the way a farm-to-table restaurant sources their food. The result: gorgeous bouquets that deserve at least an Instagram post (or two).

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Photo: The Bouqs Co.

For... the Girl You've Known Since Diapers

ride or die tank

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Matching co-ords feel too aggro? Go for subtle matchy-matchy-ness with this "ride or die" tank by Good hYOUman.

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For... the Lady Who Needs Some Zen

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This Valentine's Day mala is made with rhodonite (which is supposed to serve as a reminder to open up to unconditional love and access the heart chakra) and howlite (which is often worn as a reminder of patience, inner calm, and stress release.) Give a friend (or yourself) the gift of all that, plus a million ~zen~ meditations.

(Read this mala bead meditation guide to learn how to use it.)

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For... Your Barre Bae

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The best part about these barre socks? They look just as good mid-plié as they do propped up on the couch with a glass of Pinot Noir and a chick flick. Give these as a gift with a barre class and mandatory girls' night in, and it's sure to be the best Galentine's Day ever.

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For... the Girl Who's Still Doing Dry "January"

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Forgo the wine (or tequila) this Valentine's day and hop on the CBD train with these special-edition hemp gum drops from Lord Jones. They're passion fruit- and red raspberry-flavored, and each contain 20mg of CBD—which, ICYDK, has a ton of proven health benefits.

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For... the Squad DJ

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She's the one who cues up your workout tunes, DJs the pre-games, and picks all the best music to listen to in the car. Or, she's your roommate and you feel bad she has to listen to all those at-home workout videos you do. Either way, these glam Bluetooth headphones will block the noise and bump the beats in serious style.

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For... the Caffeine-aholic

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Feel the warm, comforting love steaming straight from this tell-it-like-it-is mug. Because behind every strong woman is a strong AF cup of coffee—ok, and a great friend.

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For... Your WOD Wife

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With a Galentine's Day card this on-point, there's no need for another gift. Celebrate your everlasting friendship with a few PRs—you'll be feeling so much love, it'll be hard not to.

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For... the Luxe Lady Who Pops Bottles

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Nothing says #treatyoself more than a decorative mini bottle of bubbly Chandon Sweet Star cuvée. Round up the single girls—24 of them, to be exact—on V-day and celebrate your lady love with a case of these.

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For... the Self-Care Master

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The best gifts to give? Ones that turn into a group activity. Use this bubbling kit and book to learn how to make your own bath bombs, body scrubs, and more. Sure, you have to work a little harder for your fizzy bubble bath—but you'll have so much Instagrammable fun in the process.

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For... the Girl Who *Really* Needs to Chill

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Give the gift of #selflove to the girl in your gang who needs it the most. This vibrator doubles as a chic necklace and will look deceivingly innocent sitting on top of her dresser. Plus, you can engrave it with a special message. (From $69,

(And speaking of self-love, you *need* to be doing these self-care resolutions this year.)

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For... Your Long Run-Then-Brunch Buddy

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Post-long run brunch is basically a running rite of passage. Treat your partner to a new pair of kicks like the stylish Brooks Levitate 2 LE—a technical shoe that works for all your miles and still looks good in the restaurant afterward.

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Photo: Brooks Running

For... Your Fave Netflix & Chill Partner

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All winter holidays are fair game for forced PJ-matching parties. Plus, this polka-dot sleep set crazy comfy for chick flick marathons and bingeing entire seasons of Girls, Sex and the City, or Broad City. (All the Galentine's Day must-watch shows.)

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For... the Girl with the Insane Sneaker Collection

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These pale pink suede kicks will look crazy-chic traipsing to and from the Pilates or yoga studio—and turn every sneakerhead's...well, head. 

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For... the Squad Sommelier

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This genius wine start-up provides revolutionary tubes of wine by the glass. (Translation: no leftovers going to waste.) Each quarter, get a box of nine organic wines to try, curated to your tastes by expert sommeliers. Think of it as an excuse to get together with your girls every time your Vinebox arrives.

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For... the Chocoholic

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Buying cheap chocolate hearts from the drugstore might be tempting, but splurge on this artisan chocolate from California for your Galentine's Day shenanigans, and you'll be so happy you did. With flavors like Roses & Rosé, The Blonde Bombshell (dark chocolate, strawberry and champagne), and Strawberry Shortcake, plus Instagram-worthy packaging on every single bar, you'll be way more satisfied than if you binged on a box of "bleh" chocolates.

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