The brand's new diverse campaign features models of different sizes and abilities, proving that exercise is for everybody.

By Faith Brar

Brands across the board are working on representing real, everyday women in their ads, but you still don't see an amputee modeling activewear every day. That's in part because we don't usually think of people with disabilities as having the desire or ability to work out, but ASOS's new activewear campaign is here to tell you otherwise. (Related: Amputee Model Shaholly Ayers Is Breaking Barriers In Fashion)

Dubbed "More Reasons to Move," the campaign hopes to get people moving using an eclectic group of athletes to serve up some major motivation. "Forget new year, new you. Right now, moving your body isn't about being the strongest, fittest and leanest. It's about changing your perspective, staying active and feeling good, whatever your reason," the brand said on their website while describing the campaign.

One woman featured front and center in the campaign is body-positive advocate and amputee model Mama Cāx, who also happens to be an avid yogi for the past eight years. "After my amputation, I struggled with chronic back pain," she told ASOS. "I was looking for a workout that was easy on my knee and yoga was the perfect solution." (Related: I'm an Amputee and Trainer-But Didn't Step Foot In the Gym Till I Was 36)

In the campaign video, Cāx is seen going through some serious yoga flows (without her prosthetic, we might add) AND is holding crutches while modeling some Adidas gear on ASOS's homepage.

While it's always amazing to see such representation, the best part is that ASOS did so without a lot of bells and whistles or self-congratulating about their decision to include an amputee model. Hopefully, ASOS treating this like it's NBD will help us actually get to the point as a society where seeing models of *all* abilities in such a campaign will be seen as totally normal. (ICYMI, they did this before when they quietly decided to stop retouching their swimsuit photos.)

All in all, major props to ASOS for taking such a huge step in the right direction and playing their part in a more inclusive and diverse future.


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