Athleisure Has Been Officially Added to the Dictionary

Every fit girl is a fan of blending fashion and function with their workout clothes, and according to Merriam-Webster, the trend is here to stay

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Fans of puffy vests, yoga tanks, and running capris outside the gym, rejoice! Merriam-Webster just announced they will be adding "athleisure" to the dictionary. That's right, your love of comfy pants is now totally legit.

It used to be that your Lululemon leggings were only considered appropriate in the yoga studio, but as the technical clothing got comfier and cuter, women started to ask why we were limiting our best gym wear (like these Must-Have, Multifunctional Workout Clothes for Women) to the gym. The answer? No good reason! Then when designers added slimming waistbands, booty boosters, and flattering cuts, our athletic clothing made us look even better than our regular duds. We were sold.

We were so sold, in fact, that for the first time since jeans were invented, denim started losing market share as people opted for trendy jogger pants instead of restrictive jeans. And rather than winning us back into their indigo arms (legs?), jeans shifted to become more like leggings...and jeggings were born.

All of this comes at a price, however, as the technical fabrics used to create body-hugging styles aren't cheap. Yet the athletic clothing market is still exploding to meet the growing need. According to a recent report, it's now the fastest growing segment of the fashion market. (Check out 5 Athleisure Companies Blending Fitness and Fashion.)

And there are no worries about the trend being short-lived. "Healthy living can create a positive feedback loop," said the Morgan Stanley report. "Individuals who exercise more frequently enjoy appreciably more emotional health and well-being. People buying clothes, shoes, and gear that helps them stay healthy, fitter, and feeling good? Why would that ever go out of style?" (Need some inspo? Kaley Cuoco Looks Flawless in Workout Clothes).

We certainly can't see any reason why. Oh, and the official definition of athleisure, according to the dictionary, is "casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use." Like we needed to tell you that!

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