The Best Beach Towels, According to Customer Reviews

These beach towels will sop up all your sweat and dry off your pool-soaked hair while still looking summertime stylish.

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Beach season is in full swing. Whether just for a day trip or a week's vacation, prepping to head to the shore generally begins with what to wear — from swimwear trends to beach hats, flip-flops, and more. Oh, don't forget to stock up on SPF, of course!

One item that's critical to any sandy locale that's often forgotten, however? The trusty beach towel. If you usually just grab the ratty option that's been sitting in the back of the linen closet, or, heck, even just an oversized bath towel, it's time to be a real adult and purchase a real beach towel. (

The best beach towels will be functional, absorb water after a dip in the waves, act as a comfortable barrier between you and the sand on top of the sand, and add some style to your resort look.

But, here's the thing: If you're going to invest in a great beach towel, don't just pick the option with the cute saying or fun pattern. You also want to consider the material, size, color, and price since there is a shocking range of costs for something you use to lay on. (Don't forget to stock up on one of these top-rated sunscreens to protect your face.)

Luckily, you don't need to overspend to get a quality beach towel. There are many great options out there, so finding the best beach towel for your next getaway should be relatively painless. Here are more than a dozen styles beloved for beach-goers and enthusiastic reviewers everywhere.

The Best Beach Towels for Your Next Sunny Vacation

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Target Printed Ombre Beach Towel

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Bright yellow, pink, and green blend together to produce a super summery towel. Durable, 100 percent cotton and its extra-large size ensure that this will wrap around your entire body and quickly dry you off after a chilly ocean or pool dip. A vivid ombre print towel will not only be a fun addition to your beach bag but will make it easy to spot when you come out of the water and can't find your post on the beach.

One happy user left shared, "Super cute in person and not too thin but not bulky. I was looking for a beach towel that wouldn't weigh my beach bag down but also wasn't junk. Washes up nicely, and the price was right. I bought it in both pink and blue."

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ECCOSOPHY Microfiber Beach Towel

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It seems impossible to leave the beach without taking buckets of sand home with you. It doesn't matter if you shake things out and rinse off your feet; you somehow still end up finding it everywhere even days later. In comes, the amazing invention of a sand-proof towel! It's a real thing, and this stylish, patterned best beach towel from ECCOSOPHY is a great buy. Its microfiber fabric is lightweight and dries three times faster than regular towels. It also folds up small and comes with a carrying pouch. (Just like these portable hammocks.)

Easy to pack on vacations, as well, one reviewer commented, "I'm a frequent traveler, so having products that make life easier for me while traveling are the ones that I look for. I don't like packing multiple towels because it leaves less room in my suitcase, so this sandless beach blanket was ideal."

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Sayulita Beach Towel

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The design for this bright towel was inspired by Sayulita Mexico, located on the Pacific coast, and embodies that fun-in-the-sun vibe of the small surfing village. The high-quality cotton makes this beach towel a great pick for a quick dry-off between dips in the ocean. It's also ultra-absorbent so it won't be soaking wet while you safely sunbathe. (Related: Does a "Base Tan" Really Protect You from Sunburns?)

"Bought two of these to brighten up my bathroom. I love them so much. They are so soft and the colors are so bright. I love the combination of these colors and feel happy when everyone I see uses my towel!"

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Weezie Beach Towel

weezie beach towel

This oversized beach towel is another option designed to have less sand cling to it. Made in Portugal from 100 percent cotton, the plush touch of this best beach towel feels super luxe, making it worth the higher price. A hanging loop on the corner makes it convenient to hang for optimal drying. Choose from four colors of stripes and embrace that nautical coastline life. Monogramming is also available, making this beach towel an excellent personalized gift idea.

Perfect, big, and fluffy are just a few adjectives in reviewers' comments. One says, "This is my favorite beach towel ever. It is large, bound around the edges for a finished look, has beautiful colors, and absorbs well. What's not to like? Oh, and it looks exactly the same after washing and drying."

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Sand Cloud Turkish Towel

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In recent years the Turkish beach towel style has become a trendy option for beach or pool lounging, but there's a reason for the popularity besides its stylish appearance. The thinner fabric might not be as fluffy as a typical towel but has its benefits. Besides being a lighter option to wrap around your body on a super hot day, it's also surprisingly absorbent. The Sand Cloud Turkish beach towel is also fast drying, eliminating the possibility of any musty smell long after you head home. Lastly, it's easy to pack and can double as a sarong or cover-up for your swimsuit.

If you are contemplating why to choose this style over a typical beach towel, this review has some insight. "So surprised how much I have used and love this towel," shared the happy customer. "Originally purchased for travel since it rolls up so small — very impressed with how absorbent it is. Since then, it has been my towel of choice for lake days. Now that it's cooling off, I've been using it as a light blanket. 100 percent would recommend."

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Lands' End Printed Velour Beach Blanket

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Can't get enough tie-dye? The perfect summer print is used on this best beach blanket with velour fabric on one side for a soft feel and terry on the reverse for a speedy dry post-dip. It's even big enough for more than one person to comfortably lie on, limiting the amount of gear you need to lug from the car.

"I bought this blanket for my family's beach vacation, and it is perfect!" shared one reviewer. "It accommodates more than two people on it, easily wraps up three people comfortably, and is so soft and well-made. Love the bright colors and terry cloth underside. I had our family's last name monogrammed on it, and it's beautiful. Highly recommended for the beach or any outing that involves water"

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Big, bold, and serves as a reminder to "be present." That might be easier said than done during the daily grind of work and family life, but this pick for the best beach towel helps you let that all go when you're at the shore. Plus, the soft terry cloth creates a comfortable surface to make zoning out — or napping after a swim — even more appealing.

As one five-star review stated, "I love these giant 'Beach, Please' towels! They are so big and so soft. They aren't super thick so they dry pretty quickly, and they are so bright and fun. I'm super picky about my beach towels, and these are amazing."

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Brooklinen Beach Towel

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Yes, the popular bedsheet company also makes beach towels, and they are quite excellent. A velour feel makes this Brooklinen beach towel cozy and extra soft to use at the beach, park, or on a lounge chair poolside. Raising the comfort factor is the slightly thicker material which is also super absorbent. The unique print is inspired by water and waves for a timeless look you'll enjoy for years to come — and the quality will stand up just as long. (Related: The Best Cooling Sheets for Hot Sleepers)

One reviewer noted that the cost is worth your investment, saying "These towels are expensive, however, they are plushier than anything I have ever had before. We love them! And we will buy more. You will not be disappointed."

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Yeti Lowlands Blanket

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You can't go wrong bringing a waterproof blanket to the beach as a comfy surface for your setup. This Yeti beach towel has a padded, soft feel on one side and a thick, impermeable fabric on the other so your butt is happy and protected. The large carrying case makes it easy to store and eliminates the need to fold the blanket perfectly to fit. It also features a water-resistant sling, so you can carry it over your shoulder. This blanket is also great for camping, outdoor concerts, picnics, and tailgates. (See: Cute Camping Gear to Make Your Outdoor Adventures Pretty AF)

"This is the perfect picnic blanket — period," wrote one reviewer who justified the splurge. "It's a $200 blanket. How could it possibly be worth it? I had been searching for the better part of a year for the perfect picnic/camping blanket and ordered and returned three different brands before I finally decided to give Yeti's crazy expensive product a try. Here's how it stacks up against the competitors: The fabric on the "blanket" side is superior in every way. It is soft and comfortable, but durable. It's more or less waterproof itself and wicks away moisture when someone spills on it. It stays clean, and everything from dirt to dog hair is easily brushed away. I don't know what magic fabric they chose for this side of the blanket, but it's perfect. Oh, something stained it? No sweat. Spot treat the stain and throw the whole thing in the wash. Boom."

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Little Unicorn Navy Plaid Blanket

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Leave this convenient plaid beach blanket in your car so it's at the ready for your next weekend getaway, tailgate, or soccer game. What makes it a great option among the best beach towels is that it's water-resistant. Plus, you won't need to save space for this in your already cramped beach bag since it rolls into itself and has a handle and shoulder strap making it easy to carry. Just throw it in the washing machine when dirty, and it will be ready for your next excursion.

"I love these blankets!" exclaimed one reviewer. "These are my go-to gift for new parents. I love the different patterns, they're so easy to throw into a stroller or diaper bag, and they clean up so easily A good outdoor blanket is so versatile as kids grow (picnics, soccer games, the beach) it is definitely a long-lasting purchase."

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Wayfair Chrissie 2 Piece 100% Cotton Beach Towel Set

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For those looking to overhaul their beach towel collection, these best beach towels come as a set, so you'll get two for the price of one. They're double-sided with terry on one and velour on the other, which is ultra-absorbent and repels water and sand, machine washable, made from 100 percent cotton, and OEKO-TEX-certified (aka free of harmful chemicals), so these are a great option for adventures with the whole family.

One consumer, who purchased these for a family trip noted that they appreciated the high quality. "These beach towels are nice and thick, but also absorbent. We used them on a lake trip, and they got lots of use and dried quickly in the sun. They also got a little muddy, but it came right out once we washed them. Great value!"

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Serena and Lily Capri Fouta Beach Towel

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This Turkish towel option has muted stripes and fringed edges, displaying a true beachy vibe. You'll love the soft, lightweight feel, as well as the OEKO-TEX certification. If you're lucky enough to live by the water or have a rental property, note that you can buy four of these best beach towels in a set, so you can stock up for all your visitors. Another excellent option is the Serena and Lily Beach House Blanket. It features quilted cotton that's both versatile and easy to clean, making it great to put over sand and grass alike.

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Slowtide Haven Beach Towel

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For those who are a bit more on the hipster side or who have an aversion to brights, neons, and quirky prints, this is an option with you in mind. What looks like a vintage rug is really a cotton velour towel. The fringe detail makes this super absorbent towel ready to sop up salty water, look super authentic. Another option from the brand that is equally moody is their travel towel (Buy It, $37, in a dark floral print. Also, check out Slowtide's Freeride blanket (Buy It, $58, and new park blanket (Buy It, $58, It's a pretty amazing beach option as well since it's water-resistant and has a hidden zipper pocket to hide your goods.

Get ready for some strong jealous looks since this towel will turn heads. "I love Slowtide and have now purchased a few of their rad towels. I highly recommend getting one. The quality, size, and design of this towel are amazing, and I constantly get compliments on it."

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Resort Solid Beach Towel

Resort Solid Beach Towel
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Beach-themed summer patterns and prints are certainly a fun option, but solid rich-colored beach towels bring that upscale, five-star resort look to your local watering hole or even your backyard. Get the high-end look without the high-end price tag with these large quick-absorbing best beach towels. Pick a color that matches your summer style, or get them monogrammed to personalize for yourself or as a fun gift. (Consider getting one for your pooch too and take them with you to one of these pet-friendly resorts.)

"This beach towel is a great size and the colors are vibrant," shared one fan. "I love that it is big enough to wrap around you, and it completely covers the lounge chair that I take to the beach with plenty to spare. It has put up with multiple washes in hot water without any signs of wear. Since purchasing my first resort beach towel, I have gone back to purchase additional towels to replace my smaller, thinner pool towels. These are perfect."

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Business & Pleasure Co. Beach Towel

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Peak nautical vibes, let this thick navy and white striped beach towel keep your look classic on the beach. A generous size means that you have room to lay and keep your book and beach bag off the sand. Made from thick cotton, this best beach towel will not only get you dry fast but keep you cozy. If you need more than one option or like your beach towel to be separate from the towel you use to dry off, the Business & Pleasure beach blanket is durable, breathable, and another fan favorite. It also has a hole so you can stake the matching umbrella right in the middle for some shade over your mat — genius!

"Beautiful and excellent quality," shared one commenter. "Love the size of my blue and white beach towel for laying out. It matches my beach cooler bag which is a fun bonus. Also, it washes well."

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Kassatex Sardinia Beach Towel

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Looking for a bit of luxury while relaxing this summer? This striped beauty is made in Turkey and constructed from 100 percent cotton. This best beach towel style is airy and ideal to wrap around your body on those sticky, hot beachside evenings. It also folds very flat, making it a great piece to pack with you for a weekend getaway or fit into your stuffed suitcase for a tropical resort vacation.

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