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The Best Blue Light-Blocking Glasses to Save Your Eyes from All That Scrolling

What is blue light, anyway?

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The screen you're reading this on is emitting high-energy visible (HEV) light, rays with a short wavelength that lands in the blue portion of the visible spectrum. It helps backlights your devices for easier reading, but lately, it's been drawing attention for potential negative impacts. Since blue light might damage the collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin in your skin, speeding up the signs of aging, skin-care companies have been rolling out products that block HEV light. On top of that, looking at a screen before bed can throw off your sleep cycle since natural blue light from the sun signals to your body that it should be awake. It's also been shown to intensify headaches in people who experience light sensitivity with migraines. 

Since swearing off devices is clearly out of the question, wearing a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses is one way to cut back on your exposure. The lenses are made to block out a portion of blue light waves. So here, you'll find the best blue light blocking glasses for every budget and style.

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Covry Salm Amber

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If you have a low nose bridge and higher cheekbones, go with a pair from Covry. The company's Asian founders set out to create glasses that would fit their own features after noticing a lack of cute options. Covry has an at-home try-on program that lets you test out five pairs for five days before deciding on an order.

Buy It, $85

Photo: Covry

Quay Australia Hardwire

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The affordable sunglasses brand that Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Baldwin, and Beyonce all sport has branched out into blue-light-blocking glasses. The line is just as flattering as the brand's celeb-loved sunglasses and each pair can have Rx lenses swapped in at your eye doctor.

Buy It, $50

Photo: Quay Australia

Diff Eyewear Gordon

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This '90s-esque pair might have a thin frame, but they're built for wear with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective lenses.

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Buy It, $75

Photo: Revolve

The Book Club Hard Crimes

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All of Book Club’s retro frames have major selfie potential. No shame if you leave these aviators on when there are no screens in sight.

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Photo: The Book Club

Tom Ford 54mm Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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You can't go wrong with browline glasses, which draw attention to the top half of your face. (Read: They complement a strong brow game.) This pair blocks UV rays in addition to filtering blue light, so you'll be completely covered.

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Buy It, $460

Photo: Nordstrom

TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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This under-$20 option on Amazon is a fixture on the site's clothing best sellers list. "I have not gotten a single headache since starting to wear these,” one reviewer writes. “They also look great and I have gotten a bunch of compliments."

Buy It, $17

Photo: Amazon

Lensabl Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

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Lensabl offers prescription, reading, and non-prescription blue light glasses. Each pair has anti-reflective, UV-blocking, scratch-resistant, water repellent lenses that block 80 percent of HEV rays. For comparison, many pairs only block 30 percent.

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Buy It, $77+

Photo: Lensabl

Zenni Optical Blockz Rectangle Tortoiseshell Frame

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This rectangular style is guaranteed to make you look smart while you're on your computer, even if you're just taking quizzes on Buzzfeed.

Buy It, $36

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