Totally comfy and 100 percent sporty-cool—it's easy to understand why triangle bras are everywhere right now.

By Julia Malacoff

If you've gone lingerie shopping lately, you've probably noticed that the options are *way* more varied than they were even just a couple of years ago. Aside from all the fun colors and prints, there are also tons of different silhouettes for a variety of body types. Plus, instead of just choosing from t-shirt bras, unlined styles, and push-up ones, there's a whole new wire-free category, which includes what seems to be everyone's new go-to bra: the bralette, aka the "triangle bra." (Quick question: Can you tell the difference between activewear and lingerie? Because these guys can't.)

In the past, bralettes were relegated to preteens who were looking for "training bra" styles. But these days, customers of all ages are devotees of the comfortably cute and-at times-super-sexy style. Sporty lingerie has been a thing for a while, but bralettes seem to be riding the coattails of the athleisure trend and are dominating the market in a way no other style really is at the moment. A quick glance at the offerings of major brands like Victoria's Secret and Aerie will provide plenty of triangle options, while more specialty brands like Negative Underwear and Lively are known specifically for their soft and wire-free styles. (If you're curious about the future of athleisure, we've got you covered.)

And it's not just that bralettes seem to be on the rise. The numbers show a major uptick in their popularity, as well. Market research firm EDITED just released data showing that individual bralette styles have completely sold out 120 percent more than they did last year. Not only that, but overall they sold 18 percent more than the previous year. The only other category that saw growth in the past year was sports bras, which have spiked 27 percent. Seems like more women are getting their sweat on than ever (yay!), but this could also be an indication that they're prioritizing comfort above anything else. To top it all off, push-up bra sales have actually fallen by 50 percent in the past year, a sign that perhaps women are choosing to highlight their natural shapes rather than trying to "enhance" them.

Another reason for the popularity of bralettes could be cost. On average, bralettes are 26 percent less expensive than their push-up counterparts. Plus they're usually just way easier to wear than their underwire counterparts. "Non-wire bras can offer a super-comfortable, no-fuss solution to many bra woes. The fit is often more adaptable and sizing is simpler. In most cases it's just small, medium, and large-no need to worry about band and cup size," says Negative Underwear cofounder Lauren Schwab.

And lest you think this trend only applies to smaller-chested ladies, brands like Lively, an athleisure-inspired lingerie brand, are even coming out with special styles specifically made for women with larger busts. As for why people are so into them, the brand's founder, Michelle Cordeiro Grant, says they empower women to be exactly who they want to be. "Now more than ever, women are finding an incredible amount of confidence and appreciating their individual beauty. Bralettes celebrate exactly that-shaping to one's unique body versus contouring it to be something it is not," she says. Plus, athleisure introduced us all to the idea that high style and comfort can exist in the same pieces, and women understandably want this to extend to their lingerie, too.

Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with opting for a push-up style if it makes you feel more comfortable. That being said, we're all about loving what you've got, so if you haven't given one of these a try yet, what are you waiting for?


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