We put clueless guys to the task. Spoiler alert: They have zero clue how to tell the difference between sexy workout clothes and underwear

By By Kylie Gilbert

Considering the fact that sporty lingerie and sexy workout clothes both happen to be 'in' right now, the line between what can be worn while sweating it out at the gym versus getting sweaty in the bedroom has become thinner than ever. (Not to mention, there's a whole category of workout clothes you can wear on a night out.)

For women who know the ins and outs of fitness fashion, the differences might be obvious. But for clueless men still figuring out the whole 'athleisure' thing, it's an understandably gray area. (Did you know Athleisure Has Been Officially Added to the Dictionary?) So, naturally, we thought it would be a great idea to get these men in to our studio to see if they could decipher between fashion-forward workout gear and straight-up lingerie. Spoiler alert: The answer is no. They do not understand what is going on. At all. Our favorite line from the video: "What's goin' on? Am I bout to get whipped?" (In case you were wondering, here's what men secretly find sexy in women-according to science.)

But at the end of the day, the men seemed to take away some valuable lessons, like, "ladies, you do what you want with your clothing and I'll go along with it," "you can pretty much get away with wearing lingerie as sportswear....and vice versam" and "my world has been opened." You're welcome, men.

Watch and prepare to have your week made.

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