These Internet-Famous Vegan Sneakers Are Now Available In New, Brighter-Than-Ever Shades

Pre-order the comfy, plush best-sellers in spring-ready colors now to beat the rush.

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What if you learned that the soles of one of the comfiest shoes out there were actually made from tree sap? That's exactly the case with the popular OCA Low sneakers from sustainable brand, Cariuma. Last year, the Brazilian footwear company surpassed its goal of using 50 percent vegan materials in its designs, and according to co-founder Fernando Porto, now "the vast majority" of Cariuma shoes are 100 percent vegan.

"We test everything," Porto explained on the World Changing Ideas podcast. "[If] there was an article about a new material made from fruit, or mushroom, or from any other possible source, we make sure to get a sample. We make a shoe out of that and we put it to the test." One of the brand's most beloved designs, the OCA Lows (Buy It, $79, feature an array of eco-friendly materials, including an ultra-plush cork memory foam and pesticide-free cotton canvas. Even the laces are made from recycled plastic bottles.

In addition to its low carbon footprint, these sneakers are best known for their bright, happy colors. Other than classics like white, black, and navy, the OCAs come in sunny yellow, red, and Helen Mirren's pick, green. More good news? After a long wait, Cariuma fans can finally shop the iconic style in three new spring colors: tangerine, violet, and bright pink.

Cariuma Spring Color Launch

Buy It: Cariuma Bright Pink Canvas OCA Low, $79,

But the thing that undoubtedly keeps shoppers coming back to these sneakers is how comfortable they are. The vegan insole provides cushioned support to arches with every step, and even reviewers who normally wear orthopedic insoles say they don't need them while walking in these. Plus, the durable canvas exterior is airy and lightweight, ideal for warmer days ahead. (BTW: If you're in search of comfy walking shoes, you need to check out this list.)

For any-occasion kicks that will carry you through the seasons, head to to pre-order their newly released shades before they sell out. You may even find yourself needing another pair…if you can decide what color to pick next.

Cariuma Spring Color Launch

Buy It: Cariuma Tangerine Canvas OCA Low, $79,

Cariuma Spring Color Launch

Buy It: Cariuma Violet Canvas OCA Low, $79,

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