We caught up with the stylist behind some of Hollywood's best athleisure looks.

By By Jenn Barthole
May 09, 2017
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Monica Rose is the super-stylist to stars like Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid (and former stylist to the Kardashian/Jenner clan), responsible for some of the most infamous athleisure looks. Naturally, we were thrilled when we got to pick her brain for styling tips on how to look so damn effortlessly stylish post-workout-whether the paparazzi is waiting outside or not.

Shape: How do you make athleisure look luxe enough to wear to work or on a date?

Monica Rose: "A standout jacket is always cool. What's great about workout clothes now is that they are such great quality. They've been designed to look good not just to be functional at the gym, so there are so many great ways to wear them. Reebok does great high-waisted gym leggings, which I pair with a more upscale jacket and a great handbag. I feel like that's a good balance. And accessories always help to make something look less casual if you want to disguise the fact that you've been in gym clothes all day!" (Try these athleisure bomber jackets for women.)

Shape: For a woman on-the-go, from the gym to brunch for example, what's a quick style tip that instantly dresses up a look?

MR: "Red lipstick immediately dresses up a look. Or something unexpected like a statement earring."

Monica in Reebok

Shape: You've created a trademark style for the celebrities you style (the neutral floor length duster, bomber jackets over sports bras, classic sweats with heels, etc). Is there one signature Monica Rose trend that works for every body type?

MR: "I think one of the key things about the way I work is that I don't like things to look too polished or too 'done'. I like it to feel effortless and I think that's something that's achievable for everyone. That and putting your own twist on things. I'm always cutting things up, stitching things, finding new ways to wear things-that's something that everyone can do. Make your style authentic to you."

Shape: You're known to love sneakers, especially classic styles like the Reebok Classic Leather. What's an easy way to modernize a classic?

MR: "I think the thing about the Classic Leather sneaker is that you can wear it with anything because it's so versatile. So your look can be super modern and you can still keep your sneaker classic, white and timeless. Versatility is the key for pieces that never go out of style and there's something nice about having an item that's familiar to you and constant, even if you are experimenting with different looks, seasons or evolving your style."

Shape: Lots of women would like to try the trends that you style on your celebs, but are nervous about doing it on a budget and looking crazy. What's a hot trend that we can easily try at home without looking like a complete fashion victim?

MR: "I'm always into hats. I'm a hat girl. I styled Kendall in a great Saint Laurent fisherman hat as an airport look but you can get amazing versions just as great from vintage stores for a few dollars. That's a nice touch that's not too 'out there' or difficult to try. Another one is statement earrings, which I'm working a lot with lately. You don't need to be super experimental but putting on an over-sized earring either with a casual tee or a more dressy look is a great way to try something different."