Chipotle launched clothing and accessories with a focus on sustainability.

By Renee Cherry
August 04, 2020
Chipotle Goods clothing
Credit: Chipotle

If you're still bummed that you weren't able to score KFC Crocs before they sold out, you now have another chance at fast food merch to make up for it. Chipotle just announced Chipotle Goods, its new line of apparel.

Chipotle dropped a full-on collection including everything from leggings to a baby onesie. The new Chipotle merch ranges from subtle (e.g. a silver foil gym bag that plays on Chipotle's foil-wrapped burritos) to obvious (like a tie-dye t-shirt with the brand's logo). Several pieces feature the word "extra" in reference to Chipotle's policy of charging for guac. Hardcore Chipotle fans can even get a t-shirt customized with their go-to order or a pair of slides that read "CHIPS" and "GUAC." Prices range from $10 to $75, and most items range from unisex XXS to 3XL. (Related: Chipotle Just Added a Special Keto-Friendly Salad Bowl to Its Menu)

Chipotle Goods slides
Chipotle Goods
Chipotle Goods
Left: Credit: Chipotle
Center: Credit: Chipotle
Right: Credit: Chipotle

Beyond its playful designs, Chipotle Goods was created with sustainability in mind. Loomstate, the company that designed Chipotle's uniforms and uses Fair Trade, organic cotton, created many of the pieces in the collection. Chipotle also partnered with Textile Exchange, a global non-profit that shares best practices for farming, materials, processing, traceability, and product shelf life to help reduce the textile industry’s effects on the environment. (Related: How to Shop for Sustainable Activewear)

Chipotle is even using the collection to put some of its food waste to good use. Three of the pieces are dyed with pinkish-tan ink created by simmering leftover avocado pits from the restaurants. (Related: The Healthiest Orders at Chipotle, According to Nutritionists)

Plus, all profits from Chipotle Goods will "go toward supporting organizations that are focused on making fashion or farming more sustainable," according to the brand. (Related: 5 Nutritionists' Fast-Food Orders)

Long story short, Chipotle's clothes will probably appeal to more than just superfans. To get your hands on the Goods in time for your next burrito run, head to