She also set the record straight on how to pronounce "Quay."

By Renee Cherry
August 19, 2019
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Chrissy Teigen is the queen of shade, so it's only fitting that she's the face of a new sunglasses line. She's teamed up with Quay Australia for a collection of glasses that, predictably, look super cute. (Related: The Skin-Care Products Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Share with Each Other "All the Time")

Quay Australia x Chrissy Teigen is a selection of some of Quay's bestsellers in new muted tones. That includes favorites like the Vivienne Aviator (Buy It, $60, and the Classic Round Jezabell (Buy It, $60, In addition to sunglasses, the collection includes clear blue light blocking-glasses—like the Stranger (Buy It, $55,, an oversized square design, and the All Nighter (Buy It, $55,, which has more of a cat-eye style—meant to help prevent the sleep disruption and headaches that have been linked to HEV (blue) light emitted from smartphones and other screens.

Each pair of glasses has prescription-ready frames, so you can take them to your eye doctor if you need to swap in prescription lenses. (Related: The Best Blue Light-Blocking Glasses to Save Your Eyes from All That Scrolling)

Naturally, Teigen's ad for the campaign is hilar. In a play on the pronunciation of Quay (like "key"), she searches her house asking where her Quays are, until her daughter Luna informs her they're on her head.

If this is the first time you're learning about the pronunciation, you're not alone. Teigen revealed in an interview with the brand that she'd been saying it wrong right up until the day of her shoot. "Whenever I'd get a box before, I'd always be like 'my kways, my kways!'" she said, "and then even when I was talking through the script for the shoot with Mike, I was still saying it wrong!" (Related: You Can Buy Chrissy Teigen's Matching Mother-Daughter Avocado One-Pieces)

Thanks to Teigen, you can now shop all of the new styles on Quay's website, and refer to your new frames with confidence.


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