Chromat partnered with Intel to create a sports bra that uses new technology to keep you cool and combat boob sweat

Swoobs (aka sweaty boobs) may be a thing of the past thanks to an innovative new bra technology premiered at New York Fashion Week. Designer Chromat teamed up with tech giant Intel to create the sports bra of your dreams, the Areos, which reduces uncomfortable chest sweat with tiny vents in the band that can open and shut based on the your body heat-crazy!

Chromat describes their fashion as "architectural sportswear" and the Aeros is a centerpiece of their latest line. And the black and white bra really is high-tech from top to bottom: With a 3D printed frame, the latest fabric technology, and a custom-designed fit, it would be great even without the gadgetry. But it's the Intel chip, named Curie, that literally makes it cool. The band is lined with tiny blue lights that sense your breathing rate, and the heat and moisture on your skin. Curie uses this data to adjust the vents depending on whether you need to heat up or cool down. (Other crazy high-tech bras? This Sports Bra of the Future Takes Wearable Technology to a Whole New Level.)

"I expect clothing to do work; it should respond to the body," Chromat designer Becca McCharen told New York magazine .

And becasue this technology is too cool to use just once, McCharen also worked Curie into a black metallic bodycon dress. It's just a cute LBD, that is until it senses an adrenaline rush (i.e. increased heat and faster breathing) and sprouts carbon fiber "wings" from the shoulder blades. (Also check out these 9 High-Tech Products to Add to Your Beauty Arsenal.)

"In action movies, when men feel stressed, they Hulk up and appear very strong, but women don't have that option," McCharen explained her inspiration for the dress to the New York Times. "They never get to show their strength in a physical way."

Unfortunately women who are tired of mopping sweat out of their cleavage (or those who want to sprout wings during a killer weight-lifting session) will have to wait a little longer as the Curie technology is still waiting for approval from the Federal Communications Commission. Until then we'll just have to dream of individually air-conditioned breasts and instead stick with The Best Sports Bras for Every Body Type.