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Cute Products Made for Coffee Lovers Hot Stuff Deluxe Thermal Mug

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Okay, coffee probably isn't your *actual* BFF, but it feels that way when you're getting up early to make it to that HIIT class, right? This mug is just too adorable to resist. ($18;

(BTW, here are 11 coffee stats you never knew.)

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Wash with Joe Original Coffeemint Body Wash

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For some people, just the scent of coffee is enough to give them a little jolt of energy when they're feeling tired. This body wash combines the classic coffee aroma with a hint of refreshing mint for your most wake-up-worthy shower ever. ($30;

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Photo: Wash With Joe

Dogeared Caffeine Queen Coffee Pin

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Want to show your love for coffee to the world? Stick this pin on your jacket lapel, gym bag, or bulletin board for a little touch of style. ($14;

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Photo: Dogeared

Three Potato Four Drink More Coffee Pennant

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Coffee-related home décor can veer into cheesy territory very fast, but this sporty little pennant makes a great addition to your kitchen walls or your desk at work. ($24;

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Photo: Three Potato Four

Coffee + Simplicity Tote Bag

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Just point to the kind of coffee you want—you know, when it's too early for words. ($18;

(If you want a gym bag with more bells and whistles, scope these 15 gym bags for the sweaty but stylish.)

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Photo: Society6

Private Party Iced Coffee Muscle Tank

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Wear this fun muscle tank to spin class and then out for a caffeine date after. Chances are the barista will know your order before you even ask. ($52;

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Photo: Private Party

Frank Body Coffee Scrub

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This Australian body scrub made from coffee powder is a cult favorite. You can expect seriously soft skin after using it, and you'll smell pretty great, too. ($18;

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Photo: Urban Outfitters

Bodum Eileen 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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Every coffee aficionado needs a pretty coffeepot, and this rose gold French press wins points for both style and functionality. It couldn't be easier to use and it holds a full eight cups of Joe. ($50;

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Photo: Bodum

Diptyque Florabellio Perfume Travel Edition

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Long day ahead? Spritz yourself with this luxe fragrance that incorporates notes of apple blossom, sea salt, and (obvi) fresh roasted coffee. The scent will perk you up when you need it most. ($65;

(If you need your fragrance to last for the long haul, here's how to make perfume last all day.)

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Photo: Diptyque

Coloured Raine The Coffee Shop Collection

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While this matte lip color set doesn't actually contain coffee, all the colors are inspired by the stuff and are long-lasting so they won't rub off on your mug. The hues are also formulated to look great on all skin tones, so the set makes an amazing gift for all the makeup-obsessed coffee lovers in your life. ($75;

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Photo: Coloured Raine

Ryan Porter Coffee Bracelet

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Need a reminder to grab your daily cup? Look no further than this bright bracelet. You can customize it to say anything you want, so get your best coffee puns ready. ($25;

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Photo: Ryan Porter

Skinnydip London Coffee Needed iPhone Case

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Your phone case is something you have to look at all the time, whether you're snapping selfies at the gym or catching up on emails, so it should fit your style and personality. This cheeky case is both pretty and fun.($24;

(For more like this, see these food-focused accessories that will make you hungry for more.)

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Photo: Skinnydip London


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