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Cute Tumblers That Will Keep You Hydrated and Environmentally Woke This Summer

Say Goodbye to Single-Use Straws

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ICYMI, disposable plastic straws are out. They're increasingly being banned by restaurants, airlines, sports arenas, and entire cities—and for good reason. Environmentalists say that around 500 million single-use plastic straws are discarded per day across the nation. Since they don't degrade naturally, the plastic ends up settling in landfills and polluting the world's beaches and oceans and harming wildlife. In fact, researchers estimate that at the rate we're polluting, there will be more plastic in the ocean by weight than fish by 2050—and plastic straws are a top offender. Yikes.

Beyond forgoing that single-use drinking straw when possible and opting for a stainless steel alternative (you might get some strange looks the first time you pull one out of your purse, but we promise, this BYOS trend is catching on!), you can also switch to a plastic tumbler. They're a fun way to stay hydrated and indulge in the ~luxury~ of drinking out of a (reusable) straw, without the side of guilt. 

If we haven't convinced you yet, these cute tumblers—perfect for sipping H20 at your desk or an adult beverage poolside—will do the trick.

Photo: km_kiseleva/Shutterstock Sip Sip Tumbler

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This 20-ounce tumbler printed with monstera leaves and a soft silicone straw is the trendiest way to stay hydrated on vaca or at your desk. ($14;

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Sunnylife Rainbow Tumbler

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An insulated rainbow tumbler will add a pop of color to your day, from the brand that brought you larger-than-life unicorn pool floats. ($15;

Williams Sonoma Pineapple Outdoor Double-Wall Tumbler

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This cute gold pineapple-printed tumbler is shatterproof and insulated, making it perfect for keeping your smoothies and tropical drinks cool. ($13;

Photo: Williams Sonoma

Contigo Autoclose Shake & Go Tumbler

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Contigo is known for their spill-proof travel coffee mugs, but we're also fans of their plastic tumblers, which are actually designed for shaking so you can mix up water supplements (or cocktails!) without leaks. ($15;

Photo: Contigo

Kate Spade Strawberry Tumbler

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Does anything scream summer more than a whimsical strawberry print and a matching red straw?! We didn't think so. ($18;

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Photo: Kate Spade

Aladdin Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler

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This stainless steel tumbler keeps water cold for 12 hours—or 24 with ice—so you can bring it to the beach without fear of your drink going warm mid-afternoon. ($15;

Photo: Aladdin

YETI 20 oz. Rambler Tumbler with Straw Lid

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YETI's tumblers come in a variety of bright shades, but they're also made of a durable stainless steel with a 'sweat-free' coating for extra grip—making it an ideal choice for any outdoor adventure trips on your agenda this summer. ($30 for tumbler, $10 for lid and straw;



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