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By InStyle
Updated: October 25, 2018

All photos: Everlane

Everyone's favorite brand, Everlane, which is known for its longstanding commitment to transparency, can now add sustainability to its list of virtues. According to a press release sent out late last week, the brand has pledged to go completely virgin plastic-free by 2021. What this means, essentially, is that any plastic used in their products, packaging, stores, and even in their offices, will be exclusively sourced from recycled materials.

To kick off this ambitious commitment, Everlane has launched its first line using entirely post-consumer plastic, called ReNew. This eight-piece collection consists of snuggly fleece pullovers, puffers of varying lengths, and a parka, all of which contribute to keeping plastic waste from polluting the oceans. Even the polybags they are shipped in are made from recycled materials.

Ahead of the launch, InStyle got to test out one of the most exciting pieces from the collection: the Puffy Puff ($160; everlane.com). This boxy, plush puffer jacket comes in four on-brand colors-black, lavender, mustard gold, and surplus (a rich army green); check them all out below-and is made completely of recycled materials. In fact, each of these jackets renews 32 plastic bottles, to be exact. (Browse these bomber jackets that will take your athleisure game to the next level)

The fabric is incredibly soft to the touch. The matching inner and outer fabric is thin, even a little crepe-like, but feels heavenly on your skin and is perfectly comfortable to wear over a short sleeved or sleeveless top. (Related: Lululemon's New "Zoned In" Tight Will Make You Rethink All Your Other Workout Leggings)

It's hard to say how, exactly (possibly witchcraft?) but this ultra-light, yet satisfyingly poofy jacket manages to keep you warm when you're out in the cold, and at a comfortable temperature when you have it on indoors. In New York, where InStyle is located, it's always a struggle to find outerwear that won't suffocate you on your morning subway commute, but leave it to Everlane to crack the code.

The Puffy Puff is not only fun to say, it's also a pleasure to wear. It's easy for a puffer coat to be cumbersome and restrictive, but this marshmallow-y jacket allows for a full range of motion, plus includes smart design details like angled pockets and a non-intrusive hood. (Related: These Are the Insanely Comfortable Sneakers Meghan Markle Was Seen Wearing)

Around the offices, it was an instant hit. Lifestyle e-commerce editor, Madison Alcedo, says, "I loved the fact that it was so lightweight compared to other puffer jackets. The material is also super soft, and it basically felt like I was bundled in a cloud."

Everlane's goals are lofty, and the figures are quite impressive. By redirecting the course of plastic waste from landfills to chic, affordable clothes through its ReNew initiative, the brand plans to recycle 100 million plastic bottles over the next five years. To us, the choice is obvious: ugly, Earth-ruining plastic waste or a cute and comfortable puffer coat just in time for fall?

Buy it in lavender; $160

Buy it in mustard gold; $160

Buy it in black; $160

Buy it in surplus green; $160

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