The company will launch a new brand, Tread by Everlane, with a single sneaker style.

By Renee Cherry

Everlane has built up a dedicated fanbase with its sustainability-driven ethos. (Case in point: This jacket launch drew a 38,000-person waitlist.) Now, the brand is finally applying that formula to sneakers, and we're like, 'what took you so long?'. After a few days of cryptic Instagram posts, the company has announced a new spinoff shoe line: Tread by Everlane.

Tread by Everlane is launching with a single style: The Trainer. It's a unisex dad-scratch that, grandpa-shoe that comes in seven neutral colors. The sneaker is intended as a comfy "lifestyle" shoe rather than an option for running or strenuous workouts.

Photo: Everlane

Last year, Everlane announced that it would aim to stop creating new plastic to use in its products by 2021. Tread by Everlane is an extension of that initiative, and its first style is basically the sneaker version of metal straws. The soles of The Trainer are made up of only 5.8 percent manufactured plastic, and the rest is natural and recycled rubber. For the upper part of the shoe, the company will source its leather from Saigon TanTec Leather, which has received a gold rating from the Leather Working Group for its sustainable practices. (Related: Reebok Just Released Super Sustainable New Sneakers Made from Corn)

Photo: Everlane

Everlane is also trying to offset the carbon emissions that go into the production of its sneakers. The company calculated its carbon footprint from making the shoes and has partnered with NativeEnergy in its efforts to cut back on the impact of greenhouse gases, according to a press release.

Tread by Everlane launches April 25 on the Everlane website. Until then, you can add yourself to the (likely already lengthy) waitlist.


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