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Everyday Sporty Fashion for Outside the Gym

Mesh Behavior Legging

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Want a leg up in the fashion game? Check out these leggings that will show off all those squats you've been doing. Bonus: They're the perfect pair to wear at both in the studio and supermarket. ($110;

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Adidas Stan Smith Metallic Boost Sneaker

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To say we're a little obsessed with these metallic kicks, would be an understatement. These Adidas sneakers make any outfit more exciting instantly—no exercise endorphins required. ($120;

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French Terry Cold Shoulder Sweatshirt

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This off-the-shoulder sweatshirt will have you channeling your inner Flashdance. Haven't seen the movie (or J.Lo's rendition in her "I'm Glad" music video)? You'll still love this cozy choice for when you just want to plop down on the couch. ($20;

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Contrast Piped Leggings

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Want to make it look like you have legs for days? These white-piped leggings are the perfect trick for making your legs look miles long. ($10;

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Danielle Guizio Important Sh*t Duffle Bag

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No one will know that inside this adorable gym bag is also a bottle of wine for your BYOB dinner later. Hey, it says "can't live without." ($50;

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Contrast Trim Dolphin Shorts

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Retro is here to stay if we have anything to say about it. One look at this cheeky pick and we're wishing it was gym class in the 80's all over again! ($8;

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Collection XIIX Baseball Cap

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Bring back the basics with this neutral hat that needs to be added to your wardrobe now. Plus, it's perfect for those days when washing your hair is clearly too much work. ($20;

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Adidas Trefoil Cropped Hoodie

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Doesn't every girl need her version of the "Oh this old thing?" piece of clothing? Luckily, even if you were just too lazy to put on real clothes, this fashion-forward cropped sweatshirt will make sure you still look fabulous. ($60;

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Om, Yes Muscle Tank

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A muscle tank is a perfect pick for the girl who stops at nothing to get her full-on sweat on. Wear it to your favorite boot camp class or to a lunch date with friends—after it's been washed, of course. ($54;

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Bomber Jacket

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The bomber jacket is never going away, so add another to your collection with this military-green version. Toss on some aviators, too, and you're basically a cast member of Top Gun. ($35;

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StudioLux City Hopper Jogger Pants

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If you haven't jumped on the jogger pant trend yet, you really need to. Whether you're hitting the gym or just going for a casual outing, a black pair like these will be your new go-to. ($90;

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