Their new hybrid smartwatches give you just the stats you *actually* need—and look nothing like the trackers you're used to.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: April 28, 2017

For the health- and fitness-obsessed, smartwatches can be seriously helpful tools. They can help you track your mileage, measure your heart rate, and respond to messages mid-workout-all without ever having to pull out your actual cell phone. But while some people thrive on getting as many stats as possible about their wellness goals, for others, too much info can be overwhelming and even a motivation killer. What if you're simply trying to get your 10,000 steps in but you keep getting reminders about all the other health-related habits you need to fix? As amazing as getting *all* the details on your health is, sometimes the simpler, the better, especially for those just starting their fitness journey. (Related: Are You Being Fooled By Your Fitness Tracker?)

Enter: Fossil's new Hybrid Smartwatch collection. For those who don't like the techy look of a traditional tracker, this new group of watches is the perfect compromise. These styles look just like a regular timepiece, but still track steps and sleep via an app, which is amazing since even though trackers and smartwatches are accepted in most office environments these days, there are times when you just want to wear something that feels a little more polished. Oh, and did we mention you *never* have to charge it? It's totally battery powered.

The stealthily designed watches allow you to control the music on your phone or even take a photo right from your wrist, as well as receive custom notifications for your calls, texts, email, and social media accounts. In a promo for the watches featuring Kristen Bell, the actress demonstrates how when her husband Dax Shepard (her number one!) texts her, the minute hand on her watch ($155; automatically goes to "1" while the watch itself vibrates, so she knows it's him. (Yeah, they're adorable.)

While there will always be a super high tech smartwatch market for the Strava-obsessed, hardcore exercisers (to each their own!), Fossil's new offerings provide options for those of us who want to keep a close check on our health without getting into the nitty-gritty on a daily basis. After all, sometimes less is more, right?

For more on how the watch works, see the full, totally charming ad featuring Kristen Bell below:


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