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Genius Jewelry Perfect for Women Who Work Out

QALO Stackable Silicone Rings

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The perfect solution for when you *really* want to wear a ring to the gym, but activities like rowing, weightlifting, or pull-ups feel uncomfortable with your usual pieces. These soft, stackable rings make an especially great substitute for a wedding ring. Talk about love. ($12;

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Madewell Hand Stud Earrings

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Stud earrings are the *only* kind of earrings you should be wearing during your workouts, since dangly ones can get caught on hair or, worse, equipment. Yikes. Find a dainty pair you love and make them your gym go-tos. This fingers-crossed style should bring you a little extra luck in making that PR—not that you need it. ($18;
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Gorjana Mika Choker

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A choker-style necklace is ideal for the gym, since it won't get caught on barbells or other equipment. Just make sure the fit is comfortable and not too tight, otherwise you'll be distracted during your workout. ($55;

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Shylee Rose The Red String Bracelet

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Fabric bracelets are a good option for frequent exercisers, since you don't have to worry about them banging into your wrist if you pick up a heavy kettlebell. On the other hand, the fit needs to be tight enough that it's not getting caught on equipment. ($90;

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Fashletics Kettlebell Earrings

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For kettlebell queens and CrossFit newbies alike, these bells are adorably dainty—unlike the ones you use in the gym. ($30;

(BTW, here are five kettlebell moves you're probably doing wrong and how to fix them.)

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Kate Spade New York One In a Million Initial Pendant Necklace

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If you want to wear a longer necklace to the gym, opt for a delicate style that doesn't go much below your collarbone. ($58;

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TenX Heavyweight Necklace

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Show your love for your sport of choice with a fun pendant like this rose gold one. ($35;

(Never tried boxing before? Try this beginner's boxing workout you can do at home.)

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Shashi Solitaire Bracelet

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If you do go for a metal bracelet, look for one with a thin chain and not too many large embellishments. This is one case where less is more applies! ($40;

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Jane Basch Praying Hands Emoji Necklace

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Whether you need a daily reminder to get your mindfulness on or you just like the good vibes of the praying-hands emoji, this necklace serves as awesome fitspiration. ($163;

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