Size 15 bridges the gap between straight sizes and plus sizes.

By Renee Cherry
September 18, 2018
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Photo: Good American

We're still getting over Good American's foray into activewear, and now the brand has announced more exciting news. It's added a new denim size for women who fall between traditional straight sizes and plus sizes: Size 15.

On Thursday, Good American is set to drop a Good Curve collection with two high-waisted styles that will be available in the new size. Select existing styles will also become available in a 15. The new addition isn't just a marketing ploy. A lot of women tend to fall between 14 and 16, and thanks to an industry-wide discrepancy in sizing patterns, these women are stuck in limbo, unable to find a size that fits, the brand explains. In fact, Good American analyzed their customer data and found that they receive 50 percent more returns of 14's and 16's compared to any other size in their range, according to a press release. (Related: Clothing Size Is Not Just a Number, and Here's Proof)

Good American has always had an untraditional approach to sizing since Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian founded the company in 2016. All jeans come in sizes 00 through 24; there's no separate "plus" collection. "'Plus size' isn't a term we use, but the terminology has become an industry standard," the brand states on its site. "We want to let all the ladies who sit in the 14 to 24 size bracket know that we make all our jeans up to a plus size 24; meaning while the styles remain exactly the same, the garments are designed to truly work for your body and fit as good as they look." The website also has a feature that allows you to choose to view the jeans on three different models who are a size 0, 8, and 16. (Related: The Latest Denim Trend Is Perfect for People Who Love Yoga Pants)

This is welcome news considering shopping for jeans is a reliably shitty experience (right up there with bathing suits) unless you happen to fit the exact hip-to-waist-to-length ratio of a given size. (Based on anecdotal evidence, most people don't.) In-between sizes are becoming more of a priority across the board-take Atoms, the sneaker brand that offers quarter sizes, or Third Love, which sells half-size bras and racks up huge waitlists-but denim is where we need them the most. For all the women hanging out between sizes 14 and 16, this could finally make shopping for jeans a lot less frustrating.