Amazon's Best-Selling Dress Pants Look Professional but Feel Like 'Wearing Fancy Sweatpants'

Shoppers also compare them to “comfortable pajama bottoms” that are “disguised as dress pants.”

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In 2022, everyone should have a pair of sweatpants for every occasion: a loungey pair for the weekend, a soft but sturdy pair for working from home, and even a formal pair for dining out. Since in-person employment seems to be on the rise (and business casual remains tragically behind the times), comfy bottoms-enthusiasts also need a pair that feel like sweatpants but look office-ready. That's where magical trousers like the Grace Karin Pencil Pants come in to save the day.

Described by one shopper as "fancy sweatpants," the Pencil Pants (Buy It, from $33, have a loose, flowy silhouette that tapers around the hips and ankles, giving them a trendy, dressed-up shape. What's more, details like a tie-able cloth belt, subtly ruffled hem, and multiple color options like dark olive green, charcoal gray, and camel add to the illusion that these pants mean business. However, unbeknownst to co-workers, these slacks are pajama-level comfy. Made from an ultra-soft blend of spandex and polyester, these best-selling pants even have all-day desk workers totally in love. In fact, more than 14,000 shoppers are already on board (and so many say they're buying multiple pairs).


Buy It: Grace Karin Pencil Pants, from $33,

"Great work pants!" wrote one office worker who now owns five pairs. "They are super easy to clean, super comfortable, and I constantly get complimented on them!" Another customer noted they feel like "wearing comfortable pajama bottoms that are actually disguised as dress pants," adding that they're also "perfect for bending down and chasing after my toddler while looking completely put together." Yet a third shopper commented that they "couldn't believe they fit so well, considering [they were an] online purchase" and that the "material is very sturdy and nice."

Leaving the house in anything that feels less than awesome isn't an option. To look put together while feeling like you never stepped out of your sweats, head to Amazon for a pair of Grace Karin Pencil Pants.

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