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10 Health- and Fitness-Inspired Halloween Costumes to Wear This Year

Serena Williams

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If Halloween is the closest we'll ever get to being the Greatest Athlete of All Time, we'll take it. Williams' long legacy on the courts is full of costume inspiration (see: her Wakanda-inspired catsuit) but you definitely can't go wrong with the out-of-this-world Virgil Abloh tutus she wore at the 2018 U.S. Open. Just add your favorite sneaks and a racket—bonus points if it's smashed.

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A Character from GLOW

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If there's ever a reason to dress up like one of the badass '80s wrestler chicks from Netflix's GLOW, it's Halloween, when walking around with a fire-emblazoned wrestling champ belt isn't just okay but encouraged. Metallic spandex, '80s makeup, and a chance to show off your huge guns all night? Done and done.

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Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan

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If you're dressing up with your BFF, there are a lot of iconic duos to choose from: Rachel and Monica, Poussey and Taystee, Abbi and Ilana, Blair and Serena. Those are all well and good but if you and your bestie love a little healthy competition, no duo rivals Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan—two of the fiercest foes in history, who ruled the ice (and the news) as pro-skaters going head to head.

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SoulCycle Instructor

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Love 'em or hate 'em, SoulCycle instructors always leave an impression with their distinct brand of kick-your-ass motivation. Pulling off this costume is really all about the 'tude (Peppy! Spiritual! Relentless!) but the right gear doesn't hurt. Dig into your workout drawer for your bougiest leggings and top if off with an over-the-top motivational tank.

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Metal Straw

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Thanks to the great single-use straw debate of 2018, we've officially spent more time talking about drinking straws than we ever thought possible. To turn the cultural touchpoint into a Halloween look, keep it simple with head-to-toe silver. And bring your reusable metal straw, of course.

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New-Age Wellness Guru

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A lot of weird-sounding wellness trends have blown up this year—CBD, crystals, adaptogens. While some are admittedly kind of woo-woo, others (like CBD, for example) are actually pretty legit. Consider this your excuse to try a few out if you've been curious and deck yourself in energy crystals, CBD beauty products, and your crunchiest yoga gear.

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"Biohacking," or using the latest science, tech, and self-experimentation to upgrade your health, is everywhere these days—from nutrition plans determined by your genetics to bulletproof coffee. Dressing up as a "biohacker" isn't just a punny take on the trend but one of the easiest Halloween costumes out there. Print yourself a bio sign (think: a leaf logo or biohazard sign if you want to go spooky), pin it to a Silicon Valley–approved hacker hoodie, and wait for the bemused chuckles to ensue.

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Matcha Latte

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Okay, it's last minute and you still haven't gotten a costume together. For a slightly less basic (but equally easy) version of the PSLs and frappuccinos you're sure to see everywhere on Halloween, go as a matcha latte instead. All you really need is a green dress, but if you want to put in a little more prep time, top yourself off with a "foam" fascinator made with white tulle.

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Digital Detox

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The benefits of doing a digital detox are so well recognized that major tech companies are even starting to build in digital detox features. But actually doing one can be tricky. Even if you can't stick to one IRL, be a digital detox on Halloween night. How to pull it off: Wear whatever the heck you want and "lock" your phone away in a clear plastic purse. Not only will you have the cleverest costume at the party, you'll also actually do a digital detox for the night.

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Keto Flu

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If you've ever tried the keto diet, you've likely encountered the keto flu—the fog of achy, tired, bleh-ness that descends for a hot minute as you're transitioning to the carb-less eating plan. To turn the phenomenon into a Halloween costume your gym crew will appreciate, wrap yourself up in a blanket, carry some tissues, and pin the word "keto" somewhere on your outfit. The best part about this costume? Literally rolling out of bed to pull it off isn't just acceptable, it will actually make it even better.

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