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How to Style Your Bathing Suit to Wear All Day Long

There are now more options than ever when it comes to swimsuits, but it can be a bummer to buy one you love (especially if you shell out a ton for it) and only get to wear it at the pool or beach. Luckily, swimsuits have so much style right now that if you know the right tricks, you can wear them anytime, anywhere. Here, find out how to mix things up and style your swimsuit from day to night, whether you're headed on vacation or hanging closer to home.

Don't Overthink It



If there's one suit to buy this season, it's a one-piece, especially considering that they're actually more popular than bikinis right now, according to recent market research. Pairing one with jean shorts is the simplest way to take your look from the water to anywhere else you might be headed. This works especially well with swimsuits with detailed necklines, like the off-the-shoulder one shown here. Top the look off with a hat to help protect yourself from the sun's rays and you're good to go.

Add Statement Jewelry



The right pair of earrings or an amazing necklace will take your swimsuit to the next level. Here, the addition of some statement jewelry makes a one-piece feel appropriate for a stylish evening out. If you're headed somewhere fancier, sub in a skirt instead of denim shorts. (Looking for a standout suit? These trendy one-piece swimsuits have serious personality.)

Pretend It's a Crop Top



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Treating your bikini top just like a crop top makes a lot of sense when you think about it, especially if you have a longer-line style that will work well with high-waisted pants. Drape a jean jacket over your shoulders and no one will know the difference.

Just Add Jeans



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Wearing your favorite pair of denim with your one-piece is a simple way to take your suit from beach-y to evening-appropriate. Keeping things neutral in terms of color palette will help your swimsuit feel fancier. And swapping out your sandals for a pair of fashion-forward flats—or heels if you're in the mood!—really helps drive the look home. (Still searching for your perfect pair? These are the best jeans for every body type.)

Button Up or Down



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A button-down shirt offers versatility that makes it easy to customize how much of your swimsuit you're showing off. Wear it open when you're somewhere swimwear is welcome, and button up if you need to be more modest. Go for a shirt with sheer fabric if you want to make sure your swim style shows through no matter what, and pair with comfortable pants or shorts for an overall relaxed look.

Slip On a Skirt



The easiest way to dress up your swimsuit? Pull on a skirt. Whether you go for something loose and flowy, like the style shown here, or a more tailored pencil style, you'll end up with a look that's polished enough for date night or dinner out with friends. This idea works with both bikinis and one-pieces, but choose a one-piece or longer bikini top for the best results.


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