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How to Wear Yellow Workout Clothes and Athleisure Pieces

Most fitness aficionados have their trusty staple black leggings on lock. But finding colorful accent pieces to add into the mix can be tricky if you don't know what to look for. Start with the summer's biggest color trend in activewear: yellow.

When you think about it, the hue is the perfect representation of bright, sunny summer days. But how do you actually incorporate it into your already-existing workout wardrobe? Don't worry—these stylish health and fitness pros have your back. (BTW, here's how to pull off the pastel sneaker athleisure trend.)

Keep it in the (color) family.

You might not think to match yellow leggings with an orange bra, but trainer Anna Victoria's look works because these colors are in the same family of warm tones. By adding a classic white sneaker (which you can just see a peek of) and keeping the cut of each piece clean, she achieves a look that's simple yet eye-catching. (FYI, Anna Victoria has a message for anyone who says they "prefer" her body to look a certain way.)

Do the tracksuit thing.


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Yellow is amazing outside the gym on a rest or travel day, too. Make like Robin Arzon, Peloton's head instructor, who opted for this fun pastel yellow tracksuit on a recent trip out of town. She pulled the look together with a contrasting blue-gray t-shirt that matched her sneakers, which is an easy way to keep things feeling put-together even when you're basically wearing head-to-toe sweats.

Color block it out.


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Solid yellow pieces might not be everyone's jam—and that's okay! Take a cue from wellness influencer Lee Tilghman, who matched her color-blocked Outdoor Voices leggings with a yellow crop top. By adding some earthy green tones to the mix, yellow suddenly seems a whole lot more wearable for the color-shy.

Top off basic black.

A black-and-yellow outfit doesn't need to make you look like a bumblebee. Case in point: trainer Alexia Clark's yellow sweatshirt and black leggings outfit. This look is proof that sometimes, the best way to try out a new trend is to go with what you know. And BTW, her Carbon 38 sweatshirt is still available! ($165;

Go monochrome.

If you love wearing color, one of the easiest ways to try out this trend and be sure you get it right is to wear a matching set, like yoga teacher and influencer Cat Meffan. Plus, the pieces can each be worn on their own to add a summery vibe to your go-to workout basics.

More Sunny Yellow Gear We Love

For a flattering pair of leggings, try the mesh-detailed Nux Quintessential leggings ($88; or the super smooth Avocado Fire Legging ($75;

For a fun, statement-y sports bra, try the ASOS 4505 Seamless Sports Bra with Leopard Panels ($32; or the cutout Beach Riot Nina Top ($95;

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