Send your grandparent a pair of Power Walkers and solidify your position as the favorite grandchild.
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Hush Puppies Power Walkers
Credit: Hush Puppies

Grandma needs a new pair of shoes—and right now you can send her some completely free of charge. Hush Puppies is giving away pairs of its Power Walker shoes so that people can delight their grandparents with a gift in the mail while they follow stay-at-home orders.

For real, all you have to do is head to and pick out the size, style, and color of Power Walkers that your grandparent would like best. There are several slip-on, lace-up, and velcro options, including plenty of bright colors if your loved one likes to get flashy with their style.

Then just enter your grandparent's shipping address and you're set—you don't have to enter a promo code, pay for shipping, or even enter billing info at all. The company plans to give away up to 5,000 free pairs, so place your order sooner rather than later to make sure your grandparent gets some of the swag. (Related: 11 Chunky "Dad Sneakers" That Will Actually Look Cute On You)

Granted, you might be tempted to buy yourself a pair while you're there. The Power Walker has been around since 1999, and they're legit leather orthopedics complete with "Bounce" footbeds designed to retain their cushion. But last year the brand remixed the shoe with new colors and styles to capitalize on the chunky sneaker trend. If you're ready to graduate from dad shoes, you might as well go with a style that originated as a true grandpa shoe instead of an imposter. (Related: Everyone In My Family Has a Pair of These Running Shoes—and Celebrities Love Them Too)

Your g-parents—or any elderly loved ones in your life—might be feeling lonely right now as they follow stay-at-home orders. Nothing beats in-person quality time, but a gift might still make their day. Now's the perfect time to send them a spiffy pair of shoes and then FaceTime to check in and reveal a surprise is on its way.