If you've ever wondered whether it's really OK to rock a g-string on an elliptical, this is for you


Ah, the thong. A highly debated style of underthings you either adamantly hate (a constant wedgie) or reluctantly love (the lack of panty lines).

But we got to thinking… For any lady rocking a G-string on an elliptical, is it even OK to do so?

Let's investigate.

First things first. No matter what type of underwear you're wearing, fabric is incredibly important. Make sure to pick pairs that are breathable (cotton forever). And bonus points for any fabrics that actually wick moisture (like these). Basically, just save lace and silk for after the gym.

Now for the kinda gross stuff. Exercising in a thong might increase your risk for a urinary tract infection, since constant movement (at point-blank range) could spread existing bacteria that's present in that area.

Our personal recommendation? To be safe, you're probably better off skipping the thong for your next spin class in favor of the little more coverage (and air) you get from a basic brief. Or, ya know, you could always pull a total 180 and go commando (which, for the record, is fine as long as you're wearing fitted pants or shorts specifically designed for working out).

This article originally appeared on PureWow.

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