You'll want to lift something heavy after seeing this.

By Renee Cherry
March 08, 2018
Photo: Ivy Park

You can always count on Beyoncé to give International Women's Day the attention it deserves. In the past, she's shared a video tribute to feminism and signed an open letter calling for gender equality. (She also goes all out for International Day of the Girl.) This year, she released her latest Ivy Park campaign, and it's as badass as you'd expect.

A video promoting the Spring/Summer 2018 collection features a diverse cast of strong women from the U.K. modeling clothes from the line. The group includes track athlete Risqat Fabunmi-Alade, singer IAMDDB, model Molly Smith, and cheerleaders from Ascension Eagles Cheerleaders, a charity youth program. (Related: These Strong Women Are Changing the Face of Girl Power As We Know It)

Photo: Ivy Park

If you consider today an occasion to soak in as much girl power inspiration as possible, you're going to want to watch the clip. Seeing the ladies run, lift, swim, sing, and fly through the air in slo-mo will give you every feel. But consider yourself warned: You may want to trade in your paycheck for the new line, and it's already available at (While your credit card's handy, check out these crop top–sports bra hybrids.)