Sick of chafing during your yoga flows? Jessamyn's got you covered.

By By Allie Strickler
March 21, 2019
Photo: Donald Bowers / Stringer / Getty Images

Jessamyn Stanley tells it like it is, and that's exactly why we love her. The Every Body Yoga author isn't afraid to tell you why she doesn't like the word "resolutions," or why she couldn't care less about what "the typical yoga body" looks like. So, of course, she told the plain and honest truth about plus-size activewear in an Instagram post from earlier this week. (Related: Plus-Size Workout Clothes to Help You Crush Your Goals)

The influencer's post shows her flowing through a few different yoga poses (with her two adorable cats lurking in the background), dressed only in a matching bra-and-briefs set. "I love the sh*t out of this set but I kinda wish every plus size activewear line had something like it," she wrote.

"I mean, I definitely know why they don't. Designers, even plus size designers, act like they're scared of fat bodies. They don't know how to handle our jiggly bits beyond compressing and tucking them out of sight. Maybe we don't want them out of sight. Maybe we're cool with the jiggly bits."

"I've been mixing and matching underwear and bathing suits for years because hoes are afraid to make high cut shorts and briefs for fatties," Stanley continued. "Most plus size shorts are bullsh*t-they roll up into the sandwich of my fupa and inner thighs causing chafing like you can't imagine." But not Premme! Stanley raved about the brand in her post, calling it "the unicorn" of plus-size activewear.

ICYMI, Premme is a plus-size clothing line designed by fashion bloggers and friends Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason, who clearly know just how much women like Stanley want stylish, comfortable pieces to add to their wardrobe. Back in 2017 when Premme first launched, the site crashed by 8 a.m. on its very first day in existence-that's how much people were obsessed with it.

Stanley shared that the outfit she's rocking in the photo-a high-waisted brief and low-impact bra-is her "all-time favorite kind of yoga outfit. Especially when it comes to hot yoga, this is the dream," she wrote. Both the Essential Bralette (Buy It, $36, and the Essential Brief (Buy It, $34, combine soft, breathable fabric with supportive stretch, making it a truly to-die-for set.

Bless you, Jessamyn, for always keeping it real.