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A Ranking of Justin Bieber's and Hailey Baldwin's Best Athleisure Looks

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There's been tons of speculation about Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin's marital status since they walked into a courthouse a few weeks ago. But thanks to a recent report from TMZ, the current consensus is that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are officially married. Say what you want about their whirlwind engagement, but when it comes to dressing, they’re a perfect match. Bieber's "sleazecore" and Baldwin's sports luxe are all the better together. In honor of their (probable) nuptials, here are the couple's best athleisure looks, ranked.

Photo: SMXRF / Star Max / Getty Images

10. Los Angeles, October 2015

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This was taken back in 2015 when fans were wondering whether Jelena would get back together. Maybe Bieber and Baldwin were already hitting it off, but their style chemistry definitely wasn't what it is today.

Photo: JMA / Star Max / Contributor

9. New York, July 2018

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Flash forward to the summer of 2018 and the start of the Bieber/Baldwin obsession. This combo is a little too matchy (and not their most interesting look by any means)—but we're definitely getting warmer.

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Photo: Gotham / Contributor

8. New York, September 2018

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Here, Bieber made navy, green, and black seem like an obvious combo. Baldwin's slicked-back hair means business, not to mention those lapels. 

Photo: Gotham / Getty Images

7. New York, August 2018

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This was taken the day after the couple rode Citi bikes and cried. Bieber repped Einstein to go get a haircut and Baldwin tagged along in an oversize $1K+ flannel shirt and Louis Vuitton Archlights.

Photo: Gotham / Getty Images

6. New York, August 2018

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The two look perfectly in sync in this photo, right down to their sock/sneaker choices.

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Photo: Gotham / Getty Images

5. London, September 2018

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During a recent trip to London, Baldwin wore a sweat suit from Cherry Los Angeles. Bieber serenaded her on the steps to the Buckingham Palace in a tie-dye hoodie. Iconic.

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Photo: Ricky Vigil / Getty Images

4. New York, September 2018

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More tie-dye, but this time Bieber really committed with a head-to-toe look. His fiancé (wife?) wore leather with baggy sweats.

Photo: James Devaney / Getty Images

3. London, September 2018

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This look deserves a top spot if only for the couple's pants. JB's low-rise skinny jeans and Baldwin's patent leather pants are equally memorable.

Photo: Mark R. Milan / Getty images

2. Brooklyn, July 2018

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Baldwin takes the spotlight here, making a strong case for the no-pants belted jacket look. Meanwhile, Bieber sports a snapback unibrow.

Photo: James Devaney / Getty Images

1. Brooklyn, July 2018

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Coming in at number one, the two had that engagement glow a few days after they announced their marriage plans. Bieber's sweats perfectly complemented Baldwin's bike shorts set, one of the biggest athleisure trends of the moment. 

Photo: Alessio Botticelli / Getty Images


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