Three rules celeb stylist Marni Senofonte lives (and dresses) by.

By Lauren Mazzo

If you went gaga over Beyoncé's getups in her Lemonade album or on her Formation tour, you have one woman to look to: Marni Senofonte. This celeb stylist has also worked with superstars like Kendall Jenner and ministar Blue Ivy-and, more importantly, was the mastermind behind Beyoncé's pregnancy reveal that broke the internet.

We caught up with Marni at a styling contest for Reebok's new Floatride running sneakerto get the DL on how to up your athleisure game.

First of all, don't think so hard about it: "We've been doing athleisure long before it was 'athleisure.'"

"The thing about athleisure is, you can throw on a high-waisted legging, a racer-back bra, add a heel, a blazer, and it's a night look," she says. "Any kind of cute sweat suit, wrap the top around your waist, and put a heel on." It's that simple. (Enter: workleisure, the athleisure you can wear to work.)

Here, three more styling tips she lives by, so you can steal her inspo to craft Queen Bey-worthy looks for yourself. (Step one: Channel her Lemonade looks with these citrus-inspired athleisure pieces.)

1. Go beyond basic black.

The staple item in every active girl's closet? A black legging-everyone, that is, except Marni.

"I don't wear black. I don't own anything black," she says. "Not a pair of shoes, socks, underwear, nothing."

It may seem crazy, but it helped Marni become the stylist she is today: "It has always forced me to play with shapes and color and pattern, and to see them in a totally different way. I always say, there's not a mix I can't match."

That being said, Beyoncé, Blue, and Kendall haven't shunned the color: "I do love putting my clients in black," she says. But her style starts rubbing off on other people too; Jessica Seinfeld, a former client turned friend, now hardly wears black, says Marni.

No, you don't need to go toss all your black workout wear in the trash. "A black legging, a black racer-back bra, those are essentials," says Marni. But next time you lay out your morning workout look, think of Marni, and consider a non-black combo you normally wouldn't try.

2. Think of your underthings as part of your outfit.

Marni wears lingerie 24/7. Okay, not 24/7, but if she's out in public, you can bet her bra and underwear not only match each other, but match her entire outfit. Just know: It's not about impressing anyone else.

"Whatever I wear underneath works with my whole outfit," she says. "You'd think I have the greatest sex life, but I don't even have a boyfriend right now, it doesn't even matter." It's a confidence thing, she says. "It's just fun." (Luckily, the athleisure bralette trend makes it fun and comfy.)

And god forbid a bra strap slips out-it totally looks like it belongs. (And, seriously, dudes won't know. They can't tell the difference between activewear and lingerie.)

3. Don't think you're too good for cheap stores.

"Especially with athleisure, you don't have to spend a lot of money," she says. "I go into off-price stores, fast-fashion places all the time." And she's Beyoncé's stylist, you guys.

Spend your cash on key pieces that'll last-a kickass pair of boots, for example-and go cheap for the trendy stuff. "I'll wear an Alaïa boot and the rest of my outfit will be from Target," she says. "And I've done that more often than not." (Great news: Target just came out with a whole new line of activewear, so you can drop your paycheck on it stat.)


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