You can kiss those restricting, uncomfortable push-up bras goodbye: "Leisureé" is here.

By Kylie Gilbert
August 23, 2016

The line between activewear and lingerie has been blurred for a while (men clearly can't tell the difference), but now, there's an actual word devoted to this fusion: leisureé, a blend of lingerie, leisure, and activewear.

The term was coined by LIVELY, a newly launched athleisure-inspired lingerie brand that's both feminine and functional. LIVELY borrows the best elements from activewear (sporty wide elastic bands and breathable mesh), swim (bold prints and color blocking), and lingerie (front adjusters, j-hook backs, and gorgeous geometric lace), creating a "completely new category of lingerie," says founder and CEO, Michelle Cordeiro Grant. "We wanted something that we could live in for 14 hours day, and not compromise on style or comfort. We no longer wanted to choose."

In creating her company, Grant explains that she also set out to redefine the lingerie category and "what it means to be sexy today: smart, healthy, active, confident, and outgoing." The brand is also focused on promoting body positivity, and recently launched their "Real Girl Fit Guide", where 'real' women ranging from 32A to 38D came in to model for their site and answered what being sexy meant to them.

Clearly, consumers support this shift. As Business Insider points out, American Eagle's comfy, body pos-focused lingerie line Aerie has seen sales skyrocket, and even traditional lingerie brands like Victoria's Secret, known for their Bombshell bras, have ventured into this category to get a piece of the pie. Their newly launched bralette collection trades in the push-up bra aesthetic for simplistic, unpadded bras that range from sexier lace styles that can be worn for a night out, to sporty versions that could easily disguise as workout wear.

Here's hoping this 'trend' of lingerie you actually don't want to run home to take off at the end of the day is here to stay. We would not be mad at all about 'leisureé' being added to the dictionary.


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