These Pants Look Like Jeans but Feel Like Leggings, and Nearly 50,000 Shoppers Approve

People are even “throwing away” their jeans in favor of these comfy bottoms.

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In these turbulent few years, so many style trends have popped up and disappeared. But one fad that's stuck around for awhile? Comfy bottoms. Since the world's return to a (somewhat) normal state, the joggers and sweats that came to replace jeans and slacks have been adapting to be more publicly acceptable. And while everyone should be vehemently against the return of some old fashion faux pas (cough, low-rise jeans), there's one 2010s staple that could and should be the next big thing: leggings that look like jeans. (Want more vintage inspo? Check out these wide-leg flares.)

With nearly 50,000 perfect ratings on Amazon, the Levi's Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans (Buy It, from $17, embody everything the jeggings of the past decade had going for them, but with a modern twist. Before raising your eyebrow, consider a few factors: First of all, they're incredibly comfortable. Made from an ultra-soft, 83 percent cotton blend, these pants are a rejection of the stiff butt-prisons we call jeans. In fact, the super-stretch denim contours to your legs from the first time you put them on, and according to some shoppers, never lose their shape.

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label Women's Totally Shaping Pull-on Skinny Jeans

Buy It: Levi's Totally Shaping Pull-On Skinny Jeans, from $17,

What's more, with 10 classic colors available — including black, light wash, and dark wash, these denim leggings are also incredibly versatile. The worn, vintage-inspired look pairs perfectly with sweaters, T-shirts, boots, and sneakers. Not to mention, they come in three lengths. But best of all, shoppers say they're the most comfortable bottoms they own.

One customer who tried dozens of jeans before finding these wrote that the fabric has a "perfect jean look," and is "soft but holds its shape." Another shopper raved that these jeans have the "perfect amount of stretch," adding that they're "throwing away all other jeans." Yet a third reviewer said "these pants are literally the most comfortable things I've ever put on, and they make me want to show off my curves." (Can't have enough comfortable bottoms? These are the best joggers, according to shoppers.)

On days when you can't decide whether you want to dress up in "real" pants or stay comfy in your stretchy bottoms, denim leggings are an ideal compromise. To find out why so many shoppers are buying multiple, head to Amazon for a pair (or several).

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