YG, Rugrats if officially coming back (and Blue's Clues, Rocky's Modern Life, and Invader Zim), so it's time to restock your closet with brand new throwback-style gear.

By Renee Cherry

So many '90s kids mourn the golden age of Nickelodeon when slime rained down and Clarissa explained it all. If that's you, good news: Viacom just announced that it's bringing Rugrats back for 26 new episodes and a live action movie. And not only will you finally be able to catch up with the gang in their former glory-none of the all-grown-up nonsense-Viacom is also reviving Blue's Clues, Rocky's Modern Life, and Invader Zim.

The Rugrats episode release date hasn't been announced, but the movie is slated for November 2020. In the meantime, you can buy some fresh Nickelodeon athleisure. Drop any plans you have for the next 10 minutes and check out the Instagram @nickelodeonstyle. The account, dedicated to all the best Nick merch, will remind you of all of the hits and the forgotten shows of your youth. And it's not just for inspo. Most of the posts are shoppable, meaning the only thing standing between you and a Nickelodeon capsule wardrobe is a #linkinbio.

The clothes come from a variety of sources, including stores like Forever 21 and Spencer's, NYFW street style, and even the Jeremy Scott runway. But everything is '90s-inspired sporty perfection. (Same with these Lisa Frank workout clothes.)

Head to the Nickelodeon Style feed next time you're feeling new loungewear and go crazy on sweat suits and slide-on sneakers. Hunting for a new crossbody bag? You'll find multiple options plastered with Angelica Pickles' sassy mug. Has the washing machine been eating your socks? Find out where you can invest in calf-length tube socks with the iconic orange Nickelodeon logo. (Related: The '90s #GirlPower Playlist That Will Supercharge Your Workout)

It pretty much goes without saying that any account that alerts you to the existence of SpongeBob jewelry should be an instant-follow. If you weren't privy to all the Nick clothing options out there, this might be your best discovery since the launch of the Splat. Now go find what you'll be wearing to your future Rugrats viewing parties. (Next up: '90s Gear to Pump Up Your Workout)


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