Olivia Culpo wearing Culpos x INC

Olivia Culpo Designed an Extremely Comfy Clothing Collection

Culpo and her two sisters teamed up with INC for a WFH-friendly clothing collection.
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Like a lot of people adjusting to quarantine, Olivia Culpo recently decided she wanted bangs and has been leaning into loungewear — only her bangs don't look like a mistake and her clothes are from a collection that she helped design. Specifically, Culpo has been wearing the products of one of her latest projects, Culpos x INC.

Olivia and her sisters, Aurora and Sophia Culpo, designed Culpos x INC in collaboration with International Concepts, a private clothing brand of Macy's. The collection is inspired by all three sisters' styles, but also by the shift to comfy clothing that a lot of people have been embracing lately. "It was really important for us to create fashionable loungewear that people could wear to be cozy at home, but also dress it up if they wanted to go outside the house," Olivia tells Shape. "We were designing this in the middle of COVID, so there was a lot that went into this in terms of what could be most comfortable for people given our new norm, which is a lot of Zooms and a lot of being at home." (Related: The 4 Beauty Products Olivia Culpo Won't Travel Without)

Some of the pieces are even influenced by the "Zoom fashion" phenomenon, a business-on-top approach to dressing for virtual meetings. "We have a lot of really cool necklines, a lot of cool shoulder pad details — things that we were thinking would look good on Zoom, but also things you could just sit on the couch and lounge in all day," says Olivia. (Related: Olivia Culpo On How to Start Giving Back — And Why You Should)

These days, Olivia says she's been embracing loungewear just like the rest of us, though she still describes her personal style as "glam." As someone who goes for a somewhat put-together look even when she's prioritizing comfort, Olivia says she wanted to bring that philosophy to Culpos x INC. "It's so important to be comfortable these days," she says. "I think we just need to be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves in a way that makes us feel good. And for me, that doesn't mean getting dressed up to sit on my couch, but I don't necessarily want to feel like I'm wearing the same pajamas every day either. It's nice to feel like you're making another day at home special. This collection kind of speaks to that." (Related: Olivia Culpo Shares Her Style Hacks While Traveling)

Scroll through Olivia's Instagram feed and you'll see she's been rocking several pieces from her new collection. One of her top picks, the Culpos x INC Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit (Buy It, $90, macys.com), features an off-the-shoulder neckline, drawstring waist, and thumbholes. "It's just the most flattering little pant romper," Olivia says. "I love it." She's also partial to a three-piece cozy set featuring fabric that's "basically a blanket material," she adds. The set includes the Culpos x INC Fuzzy Cropped Tank Top (Buy It, $60, macys.com), Cardigan Sweater (Buy It, $100, macys.com), and High-Rise Shorts (Buy It, $60, macys.com). And for workouts, she's been loving the Culpos x INC Biker Shorts (Buy It, $50, macys.com) and Cropped Tank Top (Buy It, $50, macys.com).

Culpos x INC Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit

If you want to shop her favorites along with the rest of the collection, you can find it at macys.com and Macy's stores. And BTW, this collection is the first of three drops, so you can look forward to more on-trend options to come.