It's even better this time around.

By Renee Cherry
Outdoor Voices

The hype surrounding Outdoor Voices' first swim line led to a 10,000-person waitlist, and now the brand has launched another swim collection just in time for summer. It includes everything that made the first launch a hit—bikinis, tankinis, one-piece suits, a Freestyle Shark watch, and branded beach towels—plus new sandals designed in collaboration with Teva. Basically, it's everything the first collection delivered and more. (ICYMI, Outdoor Voices also sells workout dresses and a ton of running gear—including a sneaker collaboration with HOKA.)

As with H2OV 1.0, everything is meant for water and beach sports. That's right: The suits are actually designed to be supportive and budge-proof enough to stand up to summer activities. And as with all things Outdoor Voices, they're as colorful as they are functional. With color-blocking and lifeguard-esque cuts, you'll definitely want to stock up, regardless of whether or not water sports are your thing. (Related: 25 Swimsuits You Need to Be Wearing This Summer)

ICYMI, OV initially launched its swimwear with a campaign featuring a diverse group of women. A mix of casted models, athletes, and even members of the OV team sported the suits while paddleboarding, windsurfing, and snorkeling. "The collection, H2OV, was designed to give people confidence while Doing Things and we felt it was important to reflect the spirit of the collection in this campaign," the brand stated in a press release. Tavia Bonetti, a former pro snowboarder; Emma Breshchi, a model, body positive activist, and photographer; and Mama Cax, a blogger, advocate, and motivational speaker, all took part.

Outdoor Voices

The new collection falls within the $45 to $100 range. The Teva sandals will launch May 7, and everything else is available now at Outdoor Voices stores and on the brand's website. (Here are 17 more cute swimsuits you can actually work out in.)

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January 4, 2019
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July 3, 2018
I love what they're doing!