"Living coral" is about to show up everywhere. Introduce the color into your activewear wardrobe with these styling tips.

By Renee Cherry

Last week Pantone announced its 2019 color of the year: living coral. Wondering what "living" coral means, exactly? Well, it seems to be a nod to changing coral reef ecosystem. "It speaks to coral reefs. Vibrating coral in the sunset. Some place we'd want to visit...some of them are endangered...just like coral nurtures marine life, we want to nurture the color and keep it alive," said Leatrice Eismeman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, to the New York Times.

Per usual the color choice got a mixed bag of reactions, calling the selection everything from "an important reminder," to a "hilarious misfire in Pantone's awkward attempt at wokeness." No matter how you feel about the color being chosen, there's no denying that coral workout clothes are a good idea no matter the year (or the season for that matter). The color is associated with romance and carefree vacations, per the Designer's Dictionary of Color, and, frankly it's easier to style than straight pink or orange. Try following these foolproof outfit formulas if you're living for living coral.

1. Neutralize it.

If you're color-averse, rest assured that living coral will still match all the neutral activewear that you already own. Take notes from Alexia Clark, who paired the color with black and simple gold jewelry, or pair the color with something white or gray. (Related: Legit, But Cheap Running Clothes and Gear for Under $17)

2. Go matchy-matchy.

A coral on coral matched set with fresh white sneaks will have you looking ready to take on any workout. Bonus points if your workout buddy has a matching set like Aubre Winters' and Britney Vest's looks above.

3. Accessorize.

Bring in a pop of color with a single coral-colored accessory. Go for bright sneakers like this photo from Nike, or find a bright yoga mat, water bottle, or wireless headphones. (Here's why your next pair of sneakers might be made of wool.)

4. Bring in blue.

If you want to go all color nerd, you should pair coral with teal, since they're complementary. It also looks pretty against a deeper blue, as evidenced by Massy Arias chilling out in this finger stand. Her color combo is giving us ocean life vibes.

5. Pair it with similar colors.

Another color wheel-based strategy is to wear coral with analogous (neighbor) shades like pink or orange. Pair the color with pink like Patricia Zhou did. From there, you can add an additional layer in any sunset shade. (In case you're wondering, here's how to style red leggings.)

6. Experiment with patterns.

Most fun use of living coral goes to Riley Fries for pairing the color with playful ice cream printed leggings. Follow her lead and find a pattern that has a little coral in it (or the aforementioned colors) and pair it with a coral piece.

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