The just-launched plus-size collection is so incredible, the site crashed due to the high demand.

By Julia Malacoff

If you've ever shopped plus fashion, you know that while things are *starting* to get better, there just aren't as many choices available. From boxy cuts to not-so-on-trend patterns, plus shoppers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to fashion. And even famous models like Ashley Graham sometimes can't get pieces in their size from high-end designers. Remember that whole Vogue cover shoot fiasco? (BTW, here's why calling her "brave" might actually be an insult.)

That's why fashion bloggers and friends Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg took matters into their own hands and decided to start their own clothing line in the plus space. After launching their long-anticipated line, Premme, this morning, the site promptly crashed by 8 a.m. because so many people were trying to place orders. Yup, it's that cute. From an adorable jumpsuit to a body-conscious denim dress, the just-released summer collection has all the pieces you want to buy now and wear now. Oh, and everything retails for under $100. Seriously.

But the fact that their site crashed almost immediately due to demand says more than just that the clothes in the line are amazing-which they are. Clearly, the fact that so many people were so excited about the new line signals something that many women have known for a while: There just aren't enough brands out there making the crop tops, off-the-shoulder styles, and bodysuits that women of *all* sizes want to wear. (Related: Tim Gunn Blasts Fashion Industry for Treating Plus-Size Women As 'Complicated')

Hopefully, Premme's success can serve as proof to all the brands that are not currently making clothes for women of all sizes that it's worth it to do so. Make a product worth buying-clothing that celebrates every shape-and customers will come.


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