Bare butt jeans are now a thing. Really.

By Julia Malacoff
Updated: April 13, 2017

Just last month, the internet collectively freaked out over some Topshop jeans with clear panels over the knees. Well, if you thought those were bad, get ready. There's a new pair of crazy-town jeans on the block and they're *far* stranger-and more revealing-than anything we've seen before. (Related: Are Your Jeans to Blame for Your Back Pain?)

Vetements, the brand that makes those seriously expensive sweatsuits that celebs like Selena Gomez love, has partnered with Levi's for a denim collection that is mostly really cool. Except they've got this one pair of jeans that has a fully-functional butt zipper. Based on their Instagram account, it looks like they want people to wear it open, at least on occasion. While we can maybe see someone from the Kardashian-Jenner clan pulling these off, does anyone else really want a pair of jeans that exposes their butt?! (Side note: Here's how keeping your "skinny" jeans may be hurting your body image.)

They're for sale on several fashion retailers' websites, and some of these sites have already sold out of the style. Yup, really. Oh, and BTW, they'll only set you back $1,870. Snag them at if you do want them. To be fair, they're pretty cute when they're all zipped up. Just be sure to keep 'em zipped if you want to keep your 'casual Friday' privileges at the office.


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May 5, 2017
This is beyond wrong - just so more people can say they got raped! The designer belongs having there [filtered] handed to them!