Don't want to be all Bambi-on-ice this winter? Check out these sweet boots that will keep you safe on slick surfaces.

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen
Updated: November 28, 2016

Whether you're an over-the-knee boots with a skirt kind of girl or into low biker boots with ripped jeans (or both, why limit yourself?), cute boots are one of the best things about winter weather. But wearing those gorgeous boots outside may come at a cost-and not just to your wallet. Your winter boots could be setting you up for an injury, according to a new study done by the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network.

Researchers tested 98 different styles of women's boots, wearing them to walk across snow and ice, and discovered that only 8 percent of them met the minimum standards for "slip resistance." Translation? Your boots are likely all fashion and little function, making you more likely to slip and hurt yourself. The Centers for Disease Control reports that over 1 million Americans are injured every year from slipping and falling, many of these from icy conditions. The Toronto researchers added that 60 percent of people they surveyed said they would curb winter activities for fear of falling on ice.

Good news: There are plenty of boots out there that are cute but that also provide serious traction to help you stay safe this winter. In the press release, the researchers said to look for boots with "Green Diamond" or "Arctic Grip" sole technology as those ranked the safest in their tests. (To see all the slip-safety ratings check out the full results on Rate My Treads.)

Need ideas? Here are some boots that meet the cute, yet safe, criteria.

The Aurora Tall Boot are party on top, with a cute lace-up leather and shearling upper, and business on bottom with Vibram Arctic Grip soles. Plus they're waterproof! ($160,

The Kodiak Alma Boot looks like a trendy Chelsea boot, but the rubber grippy sole will keep your feet under you whether you're on New York City streets or hiking a trail. ($165,

The Sorel Major Tall Boots is the perfect riding boot for tucking your pants into. But thanks to the Sorel traction sole and waterproof upper they're also perfect for keeping you dry and on your feet. (On sale now for $164.99



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